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Web Zine for Everyone...literature , poetry , spoken word, music ,graphics, Lovers of the Arts , advertisement etc...

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Jill Delbridge
Site Owner
55 years old
About Me

I am a Daughter of GOD

Messenger of LOVE

LOVE is my Motivation Inspiration and The Reason Why I Rise I do everything for LOVE out of LOVE within the Light of LOVE, expecting nothing in return.

Jill of all Arts/Trades Poet/Writer/Artist/Radio Show Host


Owner /Founder of The Artist Lounge© 2011®

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My Home away from Home The Artist Lounge on BP



The Artist Lounge© 2011®


Constructive Critique [email protected]



I love to write and read poetry,wanna be lyricist, music inspires me.


I Host a Weekly Radio Show Via Your PC/Phone










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Kate Marinovsky
About Me

28 years old

Teresa E. Gallion
About Me

Poet and Author.  My first love is hiking the enchanted landscapes of New Mexico as I walk on my personal spiritual journey.




Kelli "Songbird" Garden
About Me

Poet, Songwriter, Vocalist, entrepreneur, Independent Marketing Agent



Poetry Dancer
About Me

i write the poems!

Igor Marinovsky
33 years old
About Me

Place of my birth, Ukrainian town Ternopil

is very beautiful and green. It has many parks;

lake and river. Its nature gives me a lot of inspiration

and joy.

Since my childhood I like very much to read books.

Love to literature I inherited from my father and my Great Uncle

John who was pastor and writer, and lived in New Jersey.

 My literary tastes were developed under the influence of my

friend-lecturer of English who owns private library.

My favorite poet is Maya Angelou. Her poem "I know why the caged bird

sings" inspired me on creativity.

My poetry is the mirror of my soul.

It reflects my feelings, thoughts

and vision of the world.

58 years old
About Me


My name is Maria.I am known in Poetry and Artisans Communities as"aka" 'Ava Maria', for years on Myspace and BlogTalk Radio to present. On facebook I have a shared Poetry page called' Mosaic Poetry.' My personal page on Face book is 'Maria Antoinette'. My full birth name is Maria Antoinette Martella

I was a early 'content writer', contributor, promotor, as well graphics designer with  videos  promoting a Website at Worldwidehippes.com frrom the beginning in January 2010. I was a enthusiastic supporter helping launch the Site as I could. I took a break, to tend to other needful life events and remained behind the scenes available to help. I wrote the recent & current Mission Statement of WorldWideHippies to help re-define the Main Site at the owners request, August 25th. We agreed to his tweaks with a 5 line paragraph including his name and challenge for Site. I am currently a supporter of the writers original content, continue to believe  the vision of the Site but no longer there as often. I was never considered a  formal columnist or on formal staff, seen in picture or real name.I created the  off site page, videos, for the website, such   on Myspace and YT. known as' Maria Spring still', a name the owner thought nice for me and is fitting. I wish them well in their endeavor to activate globally for a better world with Citizen News ,Activiism with  Peace always  in mind and drop in when I can for I truly enjoy the spirit of the writers  and their freindship. My passion though  has  always been inclusiveness, that reqiures tolerence Activism in whatever form finding people worthy. I continue in quest of a inclusive Community and am happy to be here.
I am a believer in Community building, working with marginalized people, misunderstood on the frays of Society. My hope is to be a part of shattering myths we all have of one another, due to fear, ignorance that come with stereotypes , labels and Alphabet Soup we can all do without. At times all these labels are perpetuated from media depictions weather that be News , books,interviews or Hollywood films, TV, Social norms and pseudo Sciences I hope to be a part of exposing and diminishing them.
 I have been looking at Media depictions, Psychiatry and Theology, Cultural aspects and experiences adding to stigmas on my You tube channel for 3 years and am busy there often. I look forward to seeing you out here and at face book page.

When not on FB or YT or busy with my own blogs I can be found at  my home away from home  FCN or Flexwriterscreativenetwork.net which grew from  Flex WritersCafe on Myspace, now in its own Social Website, connecting writers and Artisans.
I am a Moderator and started a group at the Site called 'Explosion of Expression Festival' that celebrates Artisans Holidays and special occasions ( so expect I will be busy with Holidays coming up) See you here there or You tube and Facebook

 Currently have joined Healing World Peace Poetry, The Artists Lounge and Inner Child Thank you to Jill Delbridge for friendship inclusion and invite.

I am a disabled Social Worker with  a concentration of education and work with..

Women Children and Families at Risk

Emergency Services/Transitional Housing for Chronic Homeless

Development of Community Non-Profit Programs/ writing and maintaining grants locally.

 Teen Family Teen-Pregnant and Parenting Teen Parents

The development of a  the first National S.I.D.S Hotline and Support Group for families that have lost babies to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Western New York.

Due to physical chronic challenges I am on Disability currently and Volunteer where I can, loving Poetry and video making.

I am currently busy completing a Trilogy &  collaborative amateur documentary  about a much misunderstood  experience or condition called DID or Multiplicity.
Peace N Blessings:)

About Me

I leave you left at climax,

I leave you wanting more,

I leave your beuty and youth,

I leave you in the door,

I leave you in the middle,

of all the stories told,

I leave you at Oasis,

I leave you burning cold,

I leave your red lips apart,

I leave you wet eyes closed,

I leave your toes curling,

I leave you juxtapose,

I leave you leaft at climax,

I leave you at the wall,

I leav you in mid-sentence,

to follow my one true call.

Inspiration Diva
About Me

obama family Pictures, Images and Photos

"President Barack Obama"

In My Eyes

In My Eyes You Will See

A Woman Of Love, Truth, And Honesty

Look Into My Eyes And You Will Know

Just How Deep I Can Be And Just How Far I Will Go

In My Eyes You Will Find

All The Pain And Troubles Of The Past Left Behind

Look Into My Eyes And You Will Feel

The Hope, Joy, And Faith To Heal

Though My Eyes Sometimes Shed A Tear

I Pray For The Ones I Love So Dear

Look Into My Eyes And Look Deep Inside

You Will Find That I Have Nothing To Hide

In My Eyes You Will See Desire

No Money, No Fame, Or No Fortune Can Buy Her

Look Into My Eyes And Feel The Love

So Free And Pure Just Like A Dove

In My Eyes You Will See Compassion and Grace

And The Power To Spread It Everywhere, Every Place

Look Into My Eyes and See The World

The Stars And Planets All In One Swirl

In My Eyes There's Inspiration

The Colors And Hues So Much Captivation

In My Eyes There Are Many Things You Will See

But Most Importantly In My Eyes

You Will See Me

jo churchman
45 years old
About Me

About Me

Margueritta Kamone
About Me


Deasop Churchill
About Me

Daniel Akpasop is a painter, poet, singer, actor. He is oriented to interpreting the many sides of life.

Daniel is the founder of a new art age called THE MK'LEW ART ERA.

He Sculpts too

Hesey Ramus Emkhet
About Me

I am the self-published author of "A God Within" and "When God Was A Mystery". These two books are about my life. It is a expression of my own personal experiences as well as what I have gathered from my observation of the behavior of human beings, societies, and the world as a whole.

I think, in this world we live in, we truly need a formula that can turn our lives around. We are living in a world where America is a big corporation and we are nothing more than America's product. We, as a people, have been assimilated.We have lost our way, but now our formula is here!

That formula is Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and Right Overstanding. We first have to gather the right knowledge because there is a vast amount of misinformation, thus wrong knowledge, out there that needs to be addressed and reconsidered.

For example, Christopher Columbus discovering America is wrong knowledge. We know through Right Knowledge that there were indigenous people already here, as was the case with every continent Europeans have invaded and/ or subsequently conquered; the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and yes… even Europe.

When Right Knowledge is applied it allows you to make right decisions, which is Right Wisdom. When you have Right Knowledge and Right Wisdom, then you can be over the situation or problem. You will have Right Overstanding and not just an understanding. This is what I have to offer in my books, “A God Within” and "When God Was A Mystery". Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and Right Overstanding.

A lot of times we tend to dwell on the problems we face but fail to reach the point of formulating a working solution. This book not only addresses the problems, but presents and glorifies an effective solution. This dynamic formula has taught me to become a thinker and a leader, and not a follower. I have become very proud of myself, I love who I am. I want you to experience what I am experiencing… a feeling of awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Come and take this poetic ride with me!

the self-published author of "A God Within" and "When God Was A Mystery".

log on at www.agodwithin.com

About Me

49 yr old blk female, single, and Aquarian

Lourdes Gonzalez
24 years old
About Me

hello please visit my website at lulusphotocreations.webs.com! Thank you for the support!

70 years old
About Me

Born in Georgia, reared in Michigan, refined in Nebraska and redeposited here in Georgia.  I have somebody fooled that I'm a poet.


About Me

Founder of WACS. Inc.


WACS was founded with the aim to promote inspiration, awareness, and growth. Through creativity we aim to inspire!

Don Savant
About Me

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