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Web Zine for Everyone...literature , poetry , spoken word, music ,graphics, Lovers of the Arts , advertisement etc...

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Jill Delbridge
Site Owner
56 years old
About Me

I am a Daughter of GOD

Messenger of LOVE

LOVE is my Motivation Inspiration and The Reason Why I Rise I do everything for LOVE out of LOVE within the Light of LOVE, expecting nothing in return.

Jill of all Arts/Trades Poet/Writer/Artist/Radio Show Host


Owner /Founder of The Artist Lounge© 2011®

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My Home away from Home The Artist Lounge on BP



The Artist Lounge© 2011®


Constructive Critique [email protected]



I love to write and read poetry,wanna be lyricist, music inspires me.


I Host a Weekly Radio Show Via Your PC/Phone










4:00pm - 9:00 pm pacific

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THE ARTIST LOUNGE http://groups.blackplanet.com/theartistlounge







Kate Marinovsky
About Me

29 years old

Teresa E. Gallion
About Me

Poet and Author.  My first love is hiking the enchanted landscapes of New Mexico as I walk on my personal spiritual journey.




'just bill'
67 years old
About Me

Father and Friend . . .Writer, Poet, Publisher, Public Speaker, Radio Personality, Record Co. Exec., Producer, Creator . . .  what else . .  Loving Life and the Opportunity it affords me when i breathe into it . . .

Kelli "Songbird" Garden
About Me

Poet, Songwriter, Vocalist, entrepreneur, Independent Marketing Agent



Hannah Persons
44 years old
About Me

I am a natural performer and love to bring happiness and fun where ever I go. I am an artist, my fashion is art, my photography, poems and collage art. I love to create environments to have great times with friends. I am truly the accessory queen, I can style anything! I have a way with words and get along with people very well. I do my best to be better every day. I am a progressive thinker and excellent problem solver. I have great big plans in this life and very much look forward to sharing my world with you as I create it.

Maya and Dag
About Me

Maya and Dag are a husband and wife writing team residing in Belgrade, Serbia.   Maya was raised in Benghazi, Libya, attended Belgrade University and worked as an airline stewardess and later for the ICRC and UNESCO in Bosnia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Dag grew up in Southern California, attended the U.S. Naval Academy andretired from the Southern California Edison Company.  Both have traveledextensively.

Their poetry has previously appeared in Four Branches Press, Writing Raw, Real Stories Gallery and Aortic Press.  Their poetry represents their own life experiences and stories recounted by their friends around the world. Special thanks to the many friends who have contributed stories, pictures and art works to accompany the poetry.  Without all of your help and loving support, this book would not have been possible.  


Simply Wanda M.
About Me

Whatever you desire to know? Just ask me xoxo Lol:)

About Me

As a person in life, I try to receive understanding about the world we live in. I have been told on many occasions that the truth is not always received with open arms yet I believe that is the reason so many of us are unhappy in life because we want our life to be based on ... what is not real.

I have thought of so many names to describe myself, here are a few pooroftree,mperfection,I.C., ICAN, and last but not least ICANPROVEUWRONG. I guess it is in how I was feeling at the time? I so didn't want to be thrown into the group of poets with the same tired ass name they associate their self to be, it is all about keeping it simple for me ... I guess? Each name represent a small part of me and the things I see in the world. That is why I am choosing a name that is more befitting I hope?


About Me
born in Chicago,  Ill

raised in time....

undergoing transformation...

doors open from 9 to 5...

relative connections...

fleeting... and...... few...

looking for love n substance..

art n words to U....

you can read and see some of my work at the follow links.



20 years old

Poetry Dancer
About Me

i write the poems!

Igor Marinovsky
34 years old
About Me

Place of my birth, Ukrainian town Ternopil

is very beautiful and green. It has many parks;

lake and river. Its nature gives me a lot of inspiration

and joy.

Since my childhood I like very much to read books.

Love to literature I inherited from my father and my Great Uncle

John who was pastor and writer, and lived in New Jersey.

 My literary tastes were developed under the influence of my

friend-lecturer of English who owns private library.

My favorite poet is Maya Angelou. Her poem "I know why the caged bird

sings" inspired me on creativity.

My poetry is the mirror of my soul.

It reflects my feelings, thoughts

and vision of the world.

Andy Scott
About Me


Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, NB.  Andrew started writing as a way to communicateand cleanse his feelings.  Thepoems written are based on all five senses of emotion.  They are stories of him and others, basedloosely on conversations and observations. These are brought to him by visions in his mind and relating to hischaracters as they were real people. Once they are thought of, these people come to life as their story istold.  The reader can relate as these areemotions based on everyday life. 


You can hear Andrew each week as part of the Speakeasyfamily on Sunday nights at 8:00 EST on Reserve, the show  where you call in to give your writinginfluences.  This can be found onBlogtalkradio.com/reverse


Andrew has a belief that all can relate andshould share in these stories as they have affected him for the better.  All people can contribute to affectingsomeone’s life and we should celebrate everyone’s story.   Without them, we would have nothing.  To contact Andrew, email …[email protected]



http://myspace.com/ Just A Maritime Boy


Diane Sismour
58 years old
About Me

You can now follow my Tweets at @DianeSismour

My friends are a network of fellow writers, artists, theatre and filmakers, poets, actors, word smiths, singers, radio speaks and the businesses who put it all together.

Have I got a story you're going to love...

I'm the CEO of my own company for over 20 years. You can find me at commercial construction sites or managing office maintenance contacts at Sismour's Janitorial Company, LLC.

I'm now shifting gears back to the less physical occupation of writing. Right, less physical...every writer knows how sitting immobile for hours at a time wears on the body. The things we do to make every scene feel real. I'm there too...the double whammy of working two careers at once.

For as long as I can remember, I've written everything from the obscure to everyday life: newspaper articles, children's stories, middle reader adventures, a sci-fi novella, YA short stories, and romance. Some are sitting on a shelf waiting for current language updates and polishing.

I love writing a good plot and creating the characters to make a story come alive. My focus is on writing page turning romantic suspense and romance novels with comedic, sarcastic characters. Characters who make us feel all their pain and all their triumphs. One novel is in final edits ready to send to an interested agent and several other works follow in different stages.

I'm a member of the RWA and Vice-President of the Pocono Lehigh Romance Writers Chapter. I also enjoy sitting in at different writers' meetings to learn more about my craft. Writing continually evolves and my readers have the right to receive the best crafted writings from me.

Inspiration Diva
About Me

obama family Pictures, Images and Photos

"President Barack Obama"

In My Eyes

In My Eyes You Will See

A Woman Of Love, Truth, And Honesty

Look Into My Eyes And You Will Know

Just How Deep I Can Be And Just How Far I Will Go

In My Eyes You Will Find

All The Pain And Troubles Of The Past Left Behind

Look Into My Eyes And You Will Feel

The Hope, Joy, And Faith To Heal

Though My Eyes Sometimes Shed A Tear

I Pray For The Ones I Love So Dear

Look Into My Eyes And Look Deep Inside

You Will Find That I Have Nothing To Hide

In My Eyes You Will See Desire

No Money, No Fame, Or No Fortune Can Buy Her

Look Into My Eyes And Feel The Love

So Free And Pure Just Like A Dove

In My Eyes You Will See Compassion and Grace

And The Power To Spread It Everywhere, Every Place

Look Into My Eyes and See The World

The Stars And Planets All In One Swirl

In My Eyes There's Inspiration

The Colors And Hues So Much Captivation

In My Eyes There Are Many Things You Will See

But Most Importantly In My Eyes

You Will See Me

About Me

I'm a poet and aspiring author I write about basically anything but I love to write about romance and erotica.

My everyday motto: Stay true to yourself and others.

 you can follow me on [email protected] and add me as a friend on facbook

www.facebook.com//[email protected]

Mitch L. Hennessy
42 years old
About Me

Biography:  Mitch Hennessy, Hennyrock, Benjamin Grimm, 48Karatz, 1ne Take or Ratz(depending on who you ask) started writing rhymes at age 7 and singing at age 9.  Born and bred in The Bronx, he instantly fell in love with the culture of Hip Hop after hearing Kurtis Blow's "AJ".  By age 15, he was recording songs with a crew of local rappers, "4xs the Flava".  Working at his craft day in and day out, he continued to record songs and perform at different talent shows when he got the chance.  In 1999, he was featured on the independent release, "The Arrival" by Alleykat; the only other artist from 4x's the Flava he continued to work with.  In 2000, he joined The FlameThrowarz.  Along with D.A.L.L.U.S(now Casino-Dialz), Hot Dy$e, Dolo, Montana(now Montega) and VA Slim he performed at F.I.T, The Savoy and Sofia's in NYC as well as Alley Katz at Shockoe Bottom in Virginia.  It was thru The FlameThroWarz that Henny came to meet Scottie Styles a.k.a Baby Fro a.k.a Organix (you gotta love that Wu-Tang shit).  They lost contact for 4 years before linking back together in 2004.  Since then, they've been on the mission of bringin' "life" back to music.  Their first project was the classic EP, "Isolation(1ne Man Army EP)". After it acquired 1511 downloads, a follow-up was next on the agenda.  That follow-up would be the highly anticipated, "Pre-Emptive Strike" which garnered 1547 downloads to date.  Off The Grid will be the next project released and if the first two are an indication of what to expect, we will all soon be..Devoted To The S.O.U.L!!

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