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0 Comments SWEET LOVE
Posted by Kelli "Songbird" Garden on August 4, 2011 at 12:45 AM

Spoken Word, Love poem

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0 Comments THE POET
Posted by Kelli "Songbird" Garden on August 3, 2011 at 9:40 PM

Poetry is an extension and expression of oneself.

 It’s all around us and in everything.

 It’s there for those who have the gift to see, feel and create a tapestry of words from deep within our minds, souls and spirits.

 The Poet speaks of their feelings, emotions, views and experience.

 We speak of our past and present. We speak of our visions, desires, hopes and dreams of what was, is and we want the future to be.

 We are The Poets!

 Called and chosen before the foundation of the earth.

 We connect, we encourage, we love, hurt, heal, live, breathe, overcome and invoke thinking in others through the dancing and prancing of poetry with the stroke of our pen.

 We express through our gift and ability to twist and intertwine the lyrical vibe of our colorized flow of words so you feel it, see it and hear it.

 Words others would have said, could have said, should have said; if they had the skill and gift of the poet.

 We muse and create through rhythm and rhyme the pulsating, vibrating, eloquent expression of truth and reality as we the poet have come to know it.

 Taking you on a galactic journey, fantasy and spiritual high.

 Through our words we paint a picture and tell a story threading, weaving, flowing, and rhythmically sewing.

 We are The Poets!

 Anointed, appointed, gifted, destined and uniquely designed while yet, in our mother’s womb.

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Posted by Kelli "Songbird" Garden on August 3, 2011 at 9:18 PM

You came back into my life and played on my vulnerable state of mind.

But, this will be the last time you’ll hurt and treat me unkind.

Hiding behind a mask and lies; revealing only what you wanted to be seen.

The mask came off, and for the first time I saw who you were and have always been.

You are a liar, cheater, charmer; unfaithful man and false friend.

I gave to you my body mind and soul.

You gave me drama and a broken –heart.

You tried to suck the life out of me.

You tried to take away my joy and peace.

I gave freely of my love and heart.

You gladly took; for a selfish, self-centered man has nothing to give.

You made your withdrawals; and today you received a slip that says:

Insufficient funds.

For I have nothing left to give to you.

--Kelli Garden

Copyright ©2009 Kelli Garden

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0 Comments "Lullaby"
Posted by ArieAy on July 29, 2011 at 10:59 AM

New Reference Track from ArieAy

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1 Comments Chocolate English
Posted by Mitch L. Hennessy on July 21, 2011 at 6:52 PM

First single off Mitch L. Hennessy's latest project, Pre-Emptive Strike

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2 Comments Stormy Love
Posted by Jill Delbridge on May 28, 2011 at 5:36 PM

Stormy Love

It's stormy season

on the streets of your heart

Mahogany Angel

and I am a stray

Wandering its boulevard

My delicate unclad feet slide

Feminine foot steps

Carefully ...sliding...along

Your pathway

Of your endless teardrops

Pooled into puddles and slopes

Your abundant wings

and tattered spirit

Shower rain- droplets of Love

Cascading down my delicate frame

Reverberations of your thunder

Spiral in calligraphy


Spelling your name

Through out me

Fulfilling me

With unconditional Love

Seek comfort ....serenity

In the refuge of my Love

For it is timeless

Mahogany Angel

Eternally bound

The scatter of ebony Heaven

Explodes.....in our Love

Akin to a midnight rain-shower

Overflowing our...

Bodies, minds, hearts, and souls

In Love and extol

A shivering whisper

On a damp cold zephyr

Shrieks fear

I huddle

My naked tender toes

Within your lightning pools

My journey bared

In the whipping sting

Across the highway

Inside your chest of sorrow

Drenched in downpours

Feel me in your heart

For, we are never apart

I will always dwell

Amidst its four walls

As, you dwell in mine

For all time

Soothing you

Mahogany Angel

I Love you

I.....hunger for you

From a distance

Feel my Love

Its persistent

It's a stormy night

Once again ...

I wander these torrid avenues

Within the storm of wistful Love

© 2009 Night Writer


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