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Web Zine for Everyone...literature , poetry , spoken word, music ,graphics, Lovers of the Arts , advertisement etc...

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Posted by Kelli "Songbird" Garden on August 3, 2011 at 9:40 PM

Poetry is an extension and expression of oneself.

 It’s all around us and in everything.

 It’s there for those who have the gift to see, feel and create a tapestry of words from deep within our minds, souls and spirits.

 The Poet speaks of their feelings, emotions, views and experience.

 We speak of our past and present. We speak of our visions, desires, hopes and dreams of what was, is and we want the future to be.

 We are The Poets!

 Called and chosen before the foundation of the earth.

 We connect, we encourage, we love, hurt, heal, live, breathe, overcome and invoke thinking in others through the dancing and prancing of poetry with the stroke of our pen.

 We express through our gift and ability to twist and intertwine the lyrical vibe of our colorized flow of words so you feel it, see it and hear it.

 Words others would have said, could have said, should have said; if they had the skill and gift of the poet.

 We muse and create through rhythm and rhyme the pulsating, vibrating, eloquent expression of truth and reality as we the poet have come to know it.

 Taking you on a galactic journey, fantasy and spiritual high.

 Through our words we paint a picture and tell a story threading, weaving, flowing, and rhythmically sewing.

 We are The Poets!

 Anointed, appointed, gifted, destined and uniquely designed while yet, in our mother’s womb.

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