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Fall 2014 Edition Feature Bil Moore aka mrbaither 



Bil is a founding member of The Artist Lounge a  mentor , example , an excellent poet and storyteller  ,a loyal gentleman and an unconditional friend , brilliant colleague in literature , mentor , voice of reason ,and a welcoming warm zephyr of inspiration ! He has selflessly contributed to The Artist Lounge fitting time in to read  and encourage fellow artist , as well as sharing his motivational literature between his busy schedule working and as a very active member of his church.

Bils' words are a reflection of his loving respectful character, his faith "Psalm 121 ", reverence for all human beings "Cardboard " (see below)"Slavery " "Work Place Drama""Lanes" , animals "Butterfly", and nature "Harvest Moon (see below ) "Sun" "Earth".His spirit breaths life into ...daily routines "Suv" humorous - burlesque flair "Meow"-life struggles "Repo Man "the grocery store "Shopping Cart ",and  "Gas Station ".Heartfelt soulful ode to his beloved mother "Mother "(see below).




 Now and then you'll visit dreams

Or remind what's been taught to me
Good to see you and Dad together
You've both left me your love forever

I'm so glad you are sick no more
Your teeth are memory restored
I must thank you for peace today
When I recalled the things you'd say

You walk with me each day I let it
Keeping me grounded and directed
I'm so delighted although you're gone
You've never left I'm never alone

Each time we meet the strength I get
To walk the path to heavenly rest
That dandelion bouquet I picked
Coming from school same now I get

Christmas statue I gave that year
That I played with and broke its ear
I still have last gift you gave me
I almost returned it selfishly

I pray forgive all disrespect
And nastiness you tried to check
It took the longest to sink in
But now pass on to my children

Visit my dreams soon Muh and Dad

Share more laughter despite my bad

And I will keep nose to the stone
Heed your lessons follow you home
BMoore 12/2009


Two hundred thousand miles away

I could drive if path was paved
Love you full but you won't stay
Gradually you'll phase away

Now is time to celebrate
Best year thus far to this date
Singing dancing until late
All night long we're wide awake

I can see your handsome face
Cheesy smile with dimples great
Mouth agape as to orate
But your silence none can break

Though we've trod your empty lakes
Planted flags as claims we stake
Guessed your age with some debate
Left debris depart in haste

In a firmament so great
Romantic settings you create
Prompt natures to escalate
Fruitfully we procreate

You peek through our blind at eight
All night long for dawn you'll wait
Our deeds you illuminate
Harvest moon so bright so great
BMoore 2009


 It must take humility, holding up that sign

Yet not much ability, as working nine to five
It's hard to look at you, when stopped at this light
And not feel compelled to, truly do what's right

There but for God's grace, it just might be me
A couple of bad breaks, can bring one to their knees
God loves cheerful giving, I'm sure you do too
But we want to help your living, and not to be misused

I've seen you standing here, with cigarette in hand
Or holding tight your beer, until cops' reprimand
You say you've made hundreds, within minutes of standing
Or some days only funding, enough for snacks and candy

"A miracle is needed," your signs speak a plethora
And also a little greedy, "Need insurance tags etcetera"
One thing in your favor, "Thank-you" is always heard
Much unlike our neighbor, who doesn't seem to know that word

It used to be a man thing, but now the other sex
Are here with cardboard standing, perhaps whole families next
It must take humility, holding up that sign
Yet not much ability, as working nine to five
BMoore 09/18/2013


 Love to see %#&@$! running on sunny summer days

Love to hear spot barking along from page to page
Captain Ahab's chase for Moby Dick with passion
Builds excitement faster than Humpty's fatal fracture

Trekking through the Gambia on Kunta Kinte's paths
Brought life to hidden culture from miles across the map
Climbed the Himalayas all twenty-nine thousand feet
Watched a golden eagle feed born hungry beaks

Loved it when I learned to tile my kitchen floor
Wired the room and earned me accolades galore
Picked the stock that taught me gambling is a sin
That catapult to riches or plummet to begging

Moses and the burning bush that won't consume
Gives hope to the sinner that God can use him too
Ebony Fashion Fair tight models slamming tunes
Displaying couture to die for is coming this way soon

I caught Atlantic swordfish reclining on my bed
I fell in love with Minnie when Mickey turned his head
Twas the love Mother and teachers who have taught
The love for books and reading corrects my biggest faults
BMoore Sep 2009


"Daring to be Writ " can be read here as it is a featured poem : http://theartistloungewebzine.webs.com/featuredpoetry.htm

To read more from Bil visit The Artist Lounge here:: http://www.blackplanet.com/groups/group.html?group_id=76760



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Autumn /Winter Edition Feature : Dane Sismour

      Diane is an amazingly selfless woman a gifted writer ,  poet  , speaker and tireless promoter of the arts .Diane recently gave   of herself as judge for Inner Child Press' poetry contest World Healing/World Peace 2012 reading through 100's   of entries.  Diane has written poetry for over 35 yrs .  starting in Journalism ,  Children's stories  , Middle -grade adventures , as well as Science Fiction. Adding the Romance genre and  Historical Horror to her list . She enjoys  a good  plot    and characters that make the story come alive! Diane is the founder of "Network for the Arts" which connects 1,ooo's of   artist with workshops  , events  , and publishing news everyday . Diane discusses The Network for Arts and Writing as a   guest speaker on radio shows all across the country and as a guest author for blogs , newspapers ,etc             


"see as they for they are us " by diane sismour see as they who walk alone blindly staring to atone the sins committed on fellow man when what they need is a helping hand someone to guide them along the path through minefields of humanity unscathed see as those who bury their dead disease running rampant, too many unfed victims of hatred, ignorance, abhorred collateral damage in another man’s war to those still giving when all is lost who care for others, no matter the cost see as they who take one step forward progress, a movement swept to not disdain someone on sight and realize everyone has the right to live a life filled with hues to love in peace and not abuse see as they who stand proud love is fertile and grows abound make way the hoe to till the soil weed the hate, uproot the spoiled open your palm to plant the seeds offer a smile so more may feed see as they who know the sins of what humanity has done to them yet open their arms to love one another belying religion, creed, or color to heal the pain that others commit by offering themselves, compassionate


 "Network for the Arts " 



To network with Diane her web -site  features events , poetry,prose and upcoming books @ www.dianesismour.com 

 www.dianesismour.blogspot.com  http://facebook.com/dianesismour




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Feature Autumn /Winter  2011Janet "Derailed Poet "Caldwell

Janet Perkins-Caldwell  aka “Derailed Poet” is a giver ,supporter ,and for an excellent writer , poet , and author in her own right.Janet is well known , Loved  ,and Respected in the art/poetry community for her selfless offerings/ contributions .Though I have only had the pleasure and honor of befriended Janet recently she has become akin to a Sisstar to me for within her presence I shine  within the light of unconditional Love, she so gracefully and effortlessly bestows.  If you do not know Janet you should click one the links below you will be glad you did ! Janet is the Featured Artist on The Artist Lounge Radio Show 11/13/11 Please feel free to join us.www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235 (724)444-744 Call ID 21235 or 1 @ 7pm eastern if miss it listen enjoy show recorded live in archives.


Janet born in Ft. Worth, Texas, USA, and describes herself as a free spirit. Her book is titled 5 Degrees to Separation(out of print). There is a limited quantity of this Classic Book of Poetry still available for sale which can be purchased here at Discount. We currently are planning either a 2nd Printing or a New Offering. Keep your eyes open.

Her Book, “5 Degrees to Separation” is over 200 pages of gripping poetry where Janet bares her Soul in reflections of real events from Her Life and fictitious renderings of her innermost feelings.


Various sites on the Web hold her writings and she held a byline in a newspaper. In the early 1980s she attended North Texas State University, taking CE classes now known as UNT. Janet has been influenced by writers such as Anne Sexton, Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allen Poe, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Van Morrison, Holly Harbridge, John Lodge & Justin Hayward.


Janet has done volunteer work for the mentally challenged and is an advocate for others. She is also a Certified Optician in the State of Texas, and has worked full-time for over 20 years in the Optical Field, fitting eye glasses and contact lenses.


Janet says . . .  my poems are birthed through life and my dreams. I still scribble and dabble in poetry.



You can visit her Web Site at :




Inner Child Press

Publishing Services


Your worst enemy cannot harm you . . .

as much as your own unguarded thoughts.



Five degrees to separation

I learned to count early
Read the bible too
Wrath, punishment
Seemed no absolution
Separate at five

In the morning
When I was defiled
Five screams a minute
Five shiny points from
The glass shards

Five fingers, to check off
As I calculate
In five minutes I'm clean
and new
Separated by five degrees

Five from what I don't want
To remember, anything green
Black or brown
Make it easier
Five letters/numbers are my friends

The ceiling fan;
Wood, glass, white, brown, brass
Another set of quints
A quick escape
When I should need one

My rabbit hole with
Back-doors aplenty
Five senses all shut down
I've got good and can count
Before what might happen

Safe in numbers, hidden
When I separate from myself.

©2001-2011 Janet Caldwell


Weep for the Child

Tears fall down my face
for a child with no name
A child filled with anguish
suffering disgrace

How could they have lied
and treated her so
Why didn't they love her
just let her go?

Buy her new clothes
fill her with song
Mess her up more
you can't be wrong!

She grew up with walls
forever all around
The music you played
she couldn't hear a sound

You look at her now
with disgust in your eyes
You can't see her though
she wears a disguise

Hand-made by you
so carefully sewn
With coagulated drops
all her own

You thought that you knew her
but there's no way that you could
She's not what you think
behind the mask stained with blood

©2002-2011 Janet Caldwell










Feature of October 2011 William S .Peters Sr. aka just Bill

William S . Peters Sr . aka just Bill as he is affectionately known and  addressed.Bill is giver ,a multi-  talented gentleman who has been writing for well over 45 years, an author times over , poet, spoken word artist, radio show host , a motivator.Bill spreads massive unconditional Love throughout the literary / artist community and beyond... as an esteemed , level headed figure .Supporting and encouraging his fellow colleagues to fulfill their aspirations to go public with their literary works and publish .

Bill gives of himself selflessly , his knowledge , and venues *SEE BELOW*providing numerous web sites for artist ,writers, poets,authors, etc..... to grow ,  express themselves , and to fulfill their goals .


Bill is an avid net-worker who has established his character and reputation amongst his friends,  colleagues, and fans globally.



Bill has received numerous accolades, awards , and features for his literary works etc.... recently in

"Big The Magazine"

in which he won "Esteemed Person of the Year Award"

2009 - 2010


Bill currently host a show on blog talk radio "Inner Child Radio " Mondays, Wednesday's and Friday's *SEE Below  for links*

His social network is http://innerchild.ning.cpm 

I proud to have an affiliate group of the Artist Lounge there.


Bill's divine work was featured in the highly Humanitarian Oriented Magazine : Humanity Healing’s “Om Times” which also has a World Wide Distribution. Bill additionally writes monthly for “Signature Women Today Magazine” and We Are Creative People, the Magazine. He has also worked avidly in his Church Community / Family as a Steward and Director of the Audio / Visual Ministry.

 Bill extends himself to fellow artist/colleagues and anyone seeking so.... offering , inspiration ,motivation, healing , and counseling .supporting  writers, poets,  etc..to achieve their aspirations and/or  to publish through  his Publishing Company

Inner Child Press



  • Producer · Sep 2010 to present
    empowering, enlightening and embracing the divine inner child of creation . . .

  • Director of Publicity
    i handle it . . . Promotions, Publicity, Artist Images, etc ...

  • Publisher
    We Consult with Authors and Other Industry Professionals in assisting Writers to become Authors

  • Managing Director · Waterford Works, New Jersey
    Celebrating the Divine Inner Child


Public Speaker / Workshop Leader / Producer/ Consultant etc....

Bill was also recently picked up by Sony.

The Artist Lounge is currently injunction with Inner Child and many others in  literary communities sponsoring 

World Peace.....World Healing Poetry Contest2012






Several of  Bill's books 



Bill's CD Free Thinker




Bill says . . .

I have always likened Life to that of a Garden. So, for me, Life is simply  about the Seeds we Sow and Nourish. All things we “Think and Do”, will “Be” Cause and eventually manifest itself to being an “Effect” within our own personal  “Existences” and “Experiences” . . . whether it be Fruit, Flowers, Weeds or Barren Landscapes! Bill highly regards the Fruits of his Labor and wishes that everyone would thus go on  to plant “Lovely” Seeds on “Good Ground” in their own Gardens of Life !












 Bill is the featured artist on The Artist Lounge Radio Show October 16, 2011 www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235 To learn more about this gentleman please feel free to join us then .Live via you pc and /or phone (724)444-7444 Call ID 21235


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The Artist Lounge Web Zine Issue 3


 Carla B. Boone 

Carla is a brilliant woman who I have had the pleasure of interviewing several times on The Artist Lounge Radio Show.An advocate for Independent Artist Rights. Professional , personable , knowledgeable , and  helpful. She is a filmmaker, President and CEO OF Holla'back Records, Ent. & Mgt. South...LLC, is a graduate of Franklin D. Roosevelt High School and, subsequently, Long Island University's, Brooklyn Campus. She graduated in 1989 from L. I. U. with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.(SEE "Featured Music Artist" in this Issue  for more about her music etc,...)

Carla worked full time, while pursuing her Bachelor's degree. For over 25+ years she worked for the nation's largest Pension System; which provided her with the experience and skill necessary to successfully start her own company. Her meteoric rise through this organization, from a Clerk-Typist to an Officer, is a true testament of her work ethic, dedication, abilities and talents.

She also held her Series 6, 63 and 26 Federal Securities Licenses and the CHFC (Chartered Mutual Funds) Designations. She also successfully completed numerous CLU and LOMA examinations.

Carla also held the position of President of the Board of Directors of her previous homeowner's Association in Brooklyn New york. Additionally, she founded and self funded a non-profit organization, Blessed with Colour in 1988. This non-profit youth organization provided mentoring to at risk youth residing in the neighborhood where she was born and raised; Fort-Greene Brooklyn as well as assistance to Grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Carla sued Fabolous  et al....  for copyright infringement

Boone v. Jackson et. al - November 3, 2003

On November 3, 2003, a Copyright Infringement suit was filed against John D. Jackson (Fabolous), Pharrell Williams . Charles Hugo (The Neptunes) and their record labels & distributors alleging that the hit song "Young'n (Holla back) infringed on the copyright held by Holla'back Records for their 1999 release titled "Holla'back."

 ***********YOU BE THE JUDGE************ !


Boone v. Jackson 206 Fed. Appx. 30 (2dCir. 2006)

​Complaining Work

​Defending Work


"Holla Back"

Hear Sound Recording


"Young 'N"

Hear Sound Recording


Carland her producers made a Documentary “Injustice for All: Summary misJudgment” a plea for  independent artists across the U.S. calling for the immediate convening of an independent panel to reinstate or rehear and all cases thrown out by subjective rulings of these judgments within the past 10 years.

to hear more listen to archives of The Artist Lounge Radio show @ www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235 and visit

web site  http://www.hollaback.org/home.html


e-mail [email protected]

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Gregory  L .Hudson


Author/Producer/Director/Poet/Screenwriter etc...

Advocate for Independent Artist Rights! Who Lecturers and does Workshops as well

Gregory is a highly intelligent gentlemen who has been in the artist industry for quite sometime.I have had the pleasure of  interviewing Gregory several times .He shares a wealth of wisdom knowledge .guidance, and support for artist as to how they can protect themselves.

Plays and film production                 -Writing workshop (Plays, films, books...)
                -Acting, Directing, Voice, Movement
                -Copyright Infringement


$100 Million Dollar lawsuit

New York Author, Poet &
Playwright Gregory L. Hudson 
sues Eddie Murphy & Universal
Pictures, Heavy D and others for
 $100 million dollars on
April 24, 2002 because they 
used "protected expressions" 
from his stage play entitled
No Harm, No Foul to create
the hit movie entitled, Life
starring Eddie Murphy and
Martin Lawrence according
to the suit. 

See Hudson v. UniversalPictures


03-CV-1008 (FB) (LB

$ 75 Million Dollar The lawsuit alleges Robert Ramsey and Matthew Stone "stole 'Protected expressions' from my stage plays, No Harm, No Foul and Bronx House" to create the hit movie Life, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence.  Brian Grazer, co-founder of Imagine Films Entertainment along with Eddie Murphy produced "the movie Life"....so I sued them for $75 million dollars for copyright infringement and breach of "Implied-In-Fact" contract on August 30, 2004. See HUDSON V. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS CV-04-6997

Gregory is the author of the
newly released book  entitled,
Monologues by Gregory L.
; subtitled, "Dramatic 
Monologues For Actors
;" and 
48 POEMS: Reflections
Of A Poet
. (SEE Featured Author for more)

Gregory recently completed
his 3rd book entitled, SHOWTIME...
(the follow up book to Monologues
and will complete his 4th book (first
novel) entitled, "Why I Sued Eddie


*************YOU BE THE JUDGE *********** !

Below are some photographs that were submitted into evidence by Hudson.  Judge Frederick Block of the Eastern District Court of New York somehow ruled that there were "no protective substantial similarities" between Hudson's play No Harm, No Foul and the movie Life.  Hudson submitted about 65 photographs which clearly shows nearly identical similarities.  Decide for yourself if these photographs are similar, dissimilar, substantially similar or strikingly similar.
Archives of The Artist Lounge Radio Show www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235



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The Artist Lounge Web Zine Issue 2

Veda Pickett Neal

Veda is a personable , generous , Loving  ,talented ,and  multifaceted down to earth humble and gracious woman .She personally delivers warm meals to the elderly .Though she was raised with means, humbleness was commanded and maintained. Eldest daughter of  Wilson Pickett http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilson_Pickett legendary r n b soul singer .She grew up as normal as possible, though her dad was rightfully so protective .Veda worked , did her chores , and made her career on her own even through yrs. of physical and psychological  abuse by her then spouse .She left the situation with her children , even through homelessness she remained self sufficient , never once used her dads name as a crutch or sought a handout ( though she should and could have) some of her reasoning shame and not wanting to burden   .Veda openly speaks of her soul stirring - inspiring survivors story  in her book "I Never Had a Silver Spoon"
 Veda is an Ordained Minister , wife of First Sgt.William Neal who is currently in Iraq , mom of two daughters and a grandmother. She does mission trips worldwide and here in the USA giving of her self freely and generously .She and her mission team were abandoned atop a burning building , by the American Embassy ,  refuge was found via Amsterdam during her recent mission trip ,while the  up-rise was occurring in Egypt, this past February 2011, but, that has not discouraged Veda she looks forward to retuning and doing additional mission trips delivering assistance and the word of GOD which is LOVE worldwide !


Vedas' book "I Never Had a Silver Spoon " and Her CD "Jesus is my All and All" can be purchased directly from Veda and personally autographed e-mail (limited copies available)@ [email protected] proceeds go to her continual mission trips and spreading the work of GOD.



To hear more from Veda listen to The Artist Lounge Radio Program @www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235 select 6/19/11 and Enjoy!

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The Artist Lounge Web Zine Issue 1


Q & A with Bruce George

1.Your inspiration ?

Bruces' answer: I’m inspired by a lot of things such as God, love, family, friends, poverty, injustice etc… I allow any and all things to inspire me in one way or another to make me be a better person.

2 . You represent NY your birthplace/ neighborhood what keeps you in NY?

Bruces answer :That’s a good question. I feel what keeps most New Yorkers in NY is the fact that you get used to the crowds, the hustle and bustle, the high intensity which you will never find anywhere else, and the fact that New York is very rich in culture and has lots of cultural events for you to enjoy..

3. How important do you feel the arts are to society and their impact? (Feel free to improvise)

Like the Black Panther Party said “All art is an indispensable tool for revolutionary struggle.” The arts for me are beyond an aesthetic since it’s about survival and self-determination. People in struggle were never given the luxury of art for the sake of art. Historically we have used art as a tool of warfare in addition to enjoyment.

4. Does it annoy you when folks say oh Bruce George Def Jam Poetry Spoken Word Artist (guilty as charged) *Smile* then say Please spit something for me? Especially since you are diverse in your work interests i.e. activist , author ,educator , publisher , entrepreneur, etc.... Um feel free to share a poem told ya I was guilty *SMILE*

Bruces' answer:LOL. I’m not bothered by people wanting to hear me recite or perform my work since I’m humbled by the fact that they even care to hear me do my thing. I wear many hats so I just don’t have the time to do a lot of things I would like to do. Plus I want others to get an opportunity to express themselves. I have been on many stages and have been published many times so I’m about giving others a chance to shine.

5. What ways could we improve the world as a whole ?(Complex question feel free to improvise)

Bruces' answer:We can improve the world by improving ourselves. Dr. King stated that “What affects one person directly affects another indirectly.” I feel that most people don’t have a sense of their own contribution to the world and how their actions play a part in it. It’s the old scenario of a person throwing a rock in a pond and seeing the countless waves come about as a result of that action. So we can improve the world by playing a part in building it as opposed to destroying it.

6. If you could ask any question and get the answer what would the question be ?

Bruces' answer:I would ask God why would you allow the sins of the fathers to fall on innocent people who had no role in what they did.

7. If you could spend a day doing something you love what would it be and why ?

Bruces' answer:I love speaking and teaching the youth/adults. Of course I love my family and enjoy being around them specifically my immediate family such as son and daughter and others. I also love being around my friends as well. Teaching and being around family and friends really gives my life meaning.

8. Kinda personal so feel free to say none of your business *SMILE* Would you change your life if you could why or why not?

Bruces' answer:If I could change my life I would be a lot smarter, richer and successful. I would also have a greater relationship with God.

9. What are current projects ,future aspirations?

Bruces' answer:Currently my latest book “Street Smarts: An Anthology of Urban Survival Strategies” is being edited by my editor Louis Reyes Rivera. Also I have several other major projects that I’m working on that I’m not at liberty to reveal at this juncture.

10. Optional ? (I Believe gentle pieces of our spirit remain when we go HOME No time soon)
Legacy afterlife what would you like your spirit to evoke when folks reminiscence of you ?

Bruces' answer:When I become an ancestor I would like for people to state that I was a lover of people in struggle and that I was sincere.

 Bruce George....


 Bruce George is a multifaceted , talented , and fascinating gentleman who is ever evolving . I have an infamous quote I live by "Try to know a little bit about everything or folks will pee in your eye and tell you its raining " Good luck cause Bruce has come prepared with  goggles , an umbrella  , and galoshes.Bruce comes from humble means born and raised in Bronx NY. former gang member.He began writing  , his inspiration was/is his mom who was a poet. Bruce has gone from a gang member to scholar , mentor , walking the talk of betterment and instilling promise and hope .

He received a BA in psychology ,philosophy from Niagara University . His interest are vast , crossing spectrum's , politics, literature  ,the arts ,and the humanities . He is laid back man. A fine mesh of street education urban and a scholar well read but , real not bourgeois , personable , humble , yet , assertive. Dedicated to his various causes basically anything that has to do with humanities ,arts , education , assisting and/or promoting equal justice for all .Be it visiting prison or a public speaking speaking event .Bruce gives of his time selflessly.


Bruce is internationally known as the Co-Founder of the critically acclaimed award winning “Russell Simmons’s Def Poetry Jam.” He’s also the Founder/Managing Editor of “The Bandana Republic, an Anthology of Poetry and Prose by Gang Members and Their Affiliates.”
An entrepreneur ,visionary, speaker, author, panelist, mentor , executive producer, writer, poet, consultant and social activist. . He has written poetry/prose and articles for over 37 years. His work has been published in major magazines, anthologies, and literary publications. He has written testimonials from the likes of Essence Magazine, Emerge Magazine, Class Magazine, Harlem River Press etc…Bruce George is a multiple award winning Executive Producer, Writer, Speaker, Poet, Entrepreneur, Author, Panelist, Consultant, Educator etc..

Bruce has won multiple poetry and talent contests. He has won several awards such as a “Peabody Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry (HBO)”, a “Miky Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry Jam (HBO)”, an “Upscale Showcase Award”, a “Trail Blazer Award” etc… for his outstanding vision, production, writing and performance.

As an activist Bruce has been and currently is associated with major grassroots organizations that fosters and uplifts people in struggle.

Personal note : Bruce is a personable, humble selfless gentleman who gives of himself unconditionally and abundantly.He has been a consistent  teacher , friend , mentor , source of encouragement, and support to this interviewer and all who come into his life .Bruce always sticks to his commitments helping those who are upcoming shining the spotlight on them and always obliging . Yes Bruce is Blest.

FOR BOOKING INFORMATION send an e-mail to: [email protected]

 "A daughter is a reflection of her father in the relationships that she seeks." -Bruce George

* http://www.brucegeorgemedia.com/
* http://www.twitter.com/BruceGeorge1
* http://www.twitter.com/BandanaRepublic
* http://www.thepeoplepowernetwork.ning.com/
* http://www.myspace.com/brucegeorge
* http://www.myspace.com/thebandanarepublic

* facebook.com/mr.brucegeorge

Wix.com Bruce George 



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