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Web Zine for Everyone...literature , poetry , spoken word, music ,graphics, Lovers of the Arts , advertisement etc...

Featured Artist Lance Scurvin

 Lance Scurvin affectionately known as Scurv
is a surreal blogger,writer,radio show host .
and satirical realist exceptional artist
His artwork and detail speak volumes !

Lance is an in your face Bold expressionist
who takes pride in tackling the current issues
of the day head on that the mainstream media
is deathly afraid to touch.
His politically incorrect & very gritty
urban flavored style of blogging pulls no punches
with a brutally explosive honesty that has swiftly made
him an underground favorite with those who have discovered
his abilities that have thrived in the darkest
and most remote corners of cyberspace.


NOTE: See Blogs Videos & Pics for more.....


* http://www.LanceScurv.com/

    * http://www.Twitter.com/LanceScurv
    * http://www.FaceBook.com/LanceScurv
    * http://www.YouTube.com/LanceScurv
    * http://www.BlackPlanet.com/Scurvin

# LanceScurv(Twitter)


FEATURED Artist Jo Churchman


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FEATURED Artist Charles "SeaBe" Banks

"Cap on 2"

"its rainin"

Featured Artist Catherine Bean Issue 1

Catherine Bean tudied B.A. Hons Fine Art & Crafts at Doncaster University Centre 

Catherine resides in Goole England can be found on Facebook. Check out photo section for more of Catherines' artwork.



Artwork of Catherine


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