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FEATURED Multi-Artist Roosevelt Wright 3rd aka Hero 44

Publisher at Innergy Magazine / Author / Owner of Unboxed Possibilities Enterprise


 Roosevelt Wright, III I will be interviewing this multi-talented Gentleman on November 11, 2012 on The Artist Lounge Radio show http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235 (commonly known as Pastor Ro) in the Louisiana/Texas Region of the United States continues to break down walls. He influences thousands around the country. Through Social Networking and business development he has become a leader to young Christians all over the world. Since 1989, he has been a highly rated Radio Personality, Poet, Singer, Magazine Publisher, Playwright, Pastor, Author, and Talk Show Host. His books and products are sold all over the world.

 Roosevelt “heRO” Wright is the author of two books, Tenacity, and The Power of Possibility. His third book, Rise Beyond Tolerance, is scheduled for release early 2013. He has starred in over 30 stage plays and has written and directed 4 of his own. He is currently signed to Del Corral Agency in New Orleans, LA. For 16 years he was a popular Radio Personality in the Dallas, Shreveport, and Monroe region before venturing into Publishing in 2002. He and his wife launched AMPS MAGAZINE (African-American People Succeeding). They franchised the magazine in 7 cities across America before selling it in 2006.

Today, they publish INNERGY Magazine, and they own Unboxed Possibilities Enterprise, the umbrella for their magazine, their talk radio show, the Lady Allure jewelry line, UBX Graphics & Websites, and the Stronger Universe Ministry. He is a renown Poet, Motivational Speaker, and Singer, having been featured around the world and honored by the likes of Dick Gregory, Judge Hatchett, and various other National figures.

In 2009 he was featured in Ebony Magazine as one of America’s Top 30 People On The Rise. He is also the youngest recipient to ever receive theHonorable Amistad Leadership Award. His list of accolades and accomplishments are more than 12 pages long. His resume is impressive and a true reflection of a man who is committed to improving the world.

Roosevelt was honored as an Eagle Scout when he was a junior in high school. He is Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 504 in New Orleans. Working with youth is an absolute life commitment. With more than 25 years of continuous community service, he and his family get joy by building young people. It has also given him a platform to speak to high schools and colleges around the country.

He was Pastor of the The Grip Of Greater Realness Ministry (2005-2010) before stepping down to pursue a greater opportunity with his business. A Louisiana native, he and his family reside in New Orleans, LA where they along with others are faithful supporters of the New Orleans Mission Homeless Shelter.

From 1993-2003, he served as the State Youth Leader for the Louisiana Baptist Youth Encampment at Southern University. It was a Summer Camp which housed 2-3,000 high school students from all over the state for one week every August. During the week, Ro and other young leaders shared the bible, life lessons, and peer support. He advanced all the way to being the state’s General President at 17 years old. After being General President, he helped with the State’s Music Department and was also a Teacher for Youth Support Classes.

At home, all it takes is a good movie and some stove top popcorn and Roosevelt is set for the evening. He and his wife, Sandria (of 10 years), have two boys. Cadence Morale Wright and Ethan Ayr Wright. The kids completely run the house, spoiled by all and scorned by few! Born to Roosevelt Wright, Jr. and Joslyn Wright, family values were always priority. Roosevelt, the oldest of three, learned business and cultivated his talent at a young age. His father was an actor, writer, minister, and publisher. Many of the gifts were passed down to his sons.


People are given handles for every platform of their lives. Because his father’s name is Roosevelt as well, growing up he was always called “Lil’Rose or Lil’Ro” by everyone in the small community of Monroe, LA. Ro became a Radio Personality at a young age. In the 8th grade he began radio and his air name was “Daddy Ro”. His radio name became a household name along the I-20 stretch for years. Around 1993 he began writing poetry and speaking around the state and he was referred to as “Brother Ro”. In the business circle as an adult, people called him “Dr. Ro”. When he was pastor of a congregation he was called “Pastor Ro”. In his youth groups and Boy Scout programs, the kids all call him “Mr.Ro”. Seems like in every area of his life, it didn’t matter what the title was, there was always one common denominator… ‘Ro’. So he decided a while back to break away from all the different handles, titles, positions, and references and stick to the name that will always remain relevant… Ro. “He-Ro”.

But the name actually provides a great platform for Ro to inspire others to be an everyday hero. “We are all expected to be daily heroes for our children and God expects us to be champions for peace. Everyday we get another chance to make the world better. Each time we do it, we are a hero for somebody else,” he says.

He’s not 44 years old, so why is ’44′ attached to everything?

If Ro could get just a $1 donation for everytime he’s been asked this question he’d be a billionaire! 44 is his favorite number. Just that simple. Here’s why…

44 is the number for Heavy Hitters: Reggie Jackson, Willie McCovey, and Hank Aaron all wore the number 44.

44 is the number worn by all three Black Syracuse Legends who made History: Jim Brown, Floyd Little, and most notably Ernie Davis.

President Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States and Ro calls it the greatest moment of a lifetime.

His favorite team, The New Orleans Saints, won their first Superbowl atSuperbowl 44. Ro calls this day the proudest moment in History for the State of Louisiana. “It was a moment that taught us to believe in the impossible especially right after the tragic Hurricane Katrina events. The Saints won this game with 44 seconds left on the clock and the game was played exactly 4 years and 4 months after Katrina,” he says.


  1. Innergy Magazine
  2. Boy Scouts of America
  3. ,Stronger Universe Christian Ministry
  1. Gripchurch
  2. AMPS Magazine
  3. The Radio Group
  1. High School Diploma at Carroll High School
Someone else is living your life. The life you are living is just the life you weren't afraid to live. You know there were some possibilities you neglected but complacency held you hostage.

In order for a man to find his true self he must first develop a true relationship with his Creator. Many times in order to do so he'll have to spend more time learning his inner soul rather than the denominations and religions which divide us. The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 3:20, God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can imagine. If you really want to experience another realm of the Power of God then expand your imagination. 

Unlearn who you've decided you are then meet your real self for the first time.
 Take a journey through the life of a preacher's kid who became a household name in the Louisiana/Texas region. As a young man he fought inner struggles as he searched for identity. Becoming a well known radio personality, poet, entrepreneur, and musician he found every season a preparation for his greatest commitment... teaching the Gospel. Tenacity will enlighten and motivate you extensively. If you see the finish line don't stop running until you cross it!
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Featured Multi- Artist Micheaux Fortson aka Urban Voo Doo

Urban Voo Doo is truly a multi-artist a radio show host show casing fellow artist , writer, poet ,spoken word artist,activist,humanitarian, etc...Brother support encourages and promotes all from children to seasoned artist.

UrbanVoodoo means City Magic. I am originally from New Orleans although I was born in Long Beach, Ca. I never lived there until 2008. I moved to Inglewood from New Orleans when I was ten

years old. I grew up in the street; it was the streets where I got educated. For most of my friends the streets loved them to death. For me the streets were a rebirth, and a school of experience that most pretend they attended but never made a single class.

BlankiTunes sell music

The Pepsi Generation

by Urban Voodoo on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 11:29am

From behind screens and Coke Bottle dreams,

Lights buzzing on and off in the rain

Becoming one with the wind,

Puppets dance the tune.

Consumed by the rank smell of day-old funk and Coca fumes,

No longer found in Classic Red Cans…

It’s the Real One Baby!

Someone snorted or inhaled

Hearing the cracking sound of melting misery…


The pain, which never sleeps;

It never sleeps or ceases…


Musta lost the Coca Cola taste test….

Seems like my brains in some kinda time warp

They done reincarnated Marilyn Monroe…

Some ole teenaged sin sation turned sex symbol…

These damn cum-mercials done gone mad!

The boob tube remind me of a fuckin crack alley

Dope man always waiting to throw yet another pitch…

Somebody better scratch the itch before the shit

Hits the debt ceiling


Rotating in a funky room

And we are consumed by the

Art of consuming.http://www.youtube.com/user/PublishingUrbanWordz




July 31, 2011

You can cut through

a box with words

the sharp edges of jargon

valiantly smite the 

irrelevance of contradiction

with each phrase

each participle

that dangles from the 

ballpoint before splashing 

onto my page,

i interlope the freedom

of the unjust only to find 


muffled under the gag order of


we live in an irrational world

where denizens of devilry

pry their way into my thoughts

with fanciful promises of freedom

what freedom?

the angst that allows me to

pitch away my triumps at the five 

and dime hoping for a dream?

or the belicosity that enables a war

machine to roam the desert freely 

in search of foreign prey?

what else should i scaple onto the page?

promises of romantic certainty that

always seems to escape the

reality of we?

Us becoming beleagured

the heavy pressures of sovereignty...

a farce that does not make its way beyond the beaches....

where do i stand

is this place some sort of mystical


where the fantasy's 

of citizen ship

are only designed to lure

the would be traveler into

some trap


the truth lies squarely behind the gestures

killing me softly before 


a nation that has somehow

lost its head

seems we're fed from

a chipped spoon

the lot of us bafoons 

and i'm getting tired of pretendin'

too busy focused on saving face

our saving grace begining to 

have a funny taste to it

beleagured like a 


caught in a crossfire

our squadron suffering friendly fire

and we can't see

blame the fog

I can't pretend not to see

that we are a fragmented 

and vulnerable

got to be careful of associations

closed communications can 

be the death of us

never know what folk be discussin'




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FEATURED Multi-Artist Saddi Khali

Saddi is a humanitarian,artist  ,activist poet , spoken word artist & a  personable approachable gentleman .His photography is on a higher level .  In his words " The ultimate mix-master", Saddi Khali is a nationally respected New Orleans-born poet, performance artist, and photographer. He has worked for the last 20 years to blend the most effective mix of art and activism. As a critically acclaimed poet, his writings have been published in numerous national journals and anthologies, including Dark Eros, Beyond the Frontier, and Be a Father to Your Child. As a performer, Saddi has been featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and he has headlined at the Apollo Theater’s Salon Series (with Toni Blackman). For two years, he also toured nationally with the traveling theater experience, UPROOTED: The Katrina Project.

Most recently, Khali’s emergence on the field of photography has been groundbreaking. His images have been featured in ESSENCE Magazine and on the cover of the Random House book, Triksta and the instruction book, books like random house's "Triksta" & "Be a Father to your Child" & his portraiture is sought after by recording artists, etc....worldwide The Naked and The Lens. In 2009, Khali also served as the official photographer for the Featherperm Records’ European Tour. He has exhibited his images across the U.S., and debuted Remember Peace/Remember Pleasure, his work with famed folk vocalist Nakia Henry, at the Casa Frela gallery in New York City and then ReCalling Peace at the Red Creative Gallery in Atlanta. He is currently completing his debut coffee-table book, The Look of Love, on Runagate Press.
Khali is the founder of Medicine Media, a non-profit organization created to develop and promote culturally competent images of people of color through the strategic use of art and media."

Saddis' captures are breathtaking .Being a woman I am partial to his pics of real women ,natural beauties tapping into their  inner self  Love , worth , and confidence.Loving the skin they are in  and which his models  exude..... definition of  the art form and  masterpiece of the human body .

His family portraits are precious and priceless .As well as his "Beauty of things" capturing innate objects and breathing life into them .Saddi is a gifted and inspiring artist and gentleman .

Join us October 9 ,2011 on The Artist Lounge radio show 7pm eastern  LIVE  via your pc and/or phone www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235  (724)444 - 7444 Call ID 21235  if you miss it fret not as recorded Live in archives

To see more photography,  learn more about Saddi , purchase artwork  ,and/or arrange a photo shoot  go to :





2009  The Naked And The Lens
2009  Essence magazine march & may issues
2008  Olive Dance Theatre's JumpStart Residency
2008  UCLA's Transforming the Culture of Conflict Through the Body
2006  Blue Man Group Vortex Art Competition press/promotional images
2006  “UPROOTED: The Katrina Project’s” theater show
           press/promotional materials and handbill image
2006  “Images of a Sista” curated by Alicia Neal, showing four fine art   
            images in the exhibit
2006  “Getting Money” by D Boys UTP recording artists CD cover
2005  “TRIKSTA- Life & Death and New Orleans Rap” Random
           House book cover
2005  “Love, Sex and Other Stuff” a choreopoem by James Chapmyn   
           and Chapmyn Spoken Word theater company press/promotional,
           handbill and background images
2005  “New Orleans’ Savior” by K. Gates CD cover & NOgator.com
           website images
2005   Kunflama Boutique runway show
2005   N.O. Council on Aging brochure images  events
2005   “Cognition” by Thunda CD cover
2005   “Still Searchin’” by Tondrae CD cover
2004 “Oh Na Nay, Black: The Real Mardi Gras” by Chiquita Simms
           New Orleans Data News Weekly article
2004  Impulss website images - www.impulss.net
2004  Coca Cola Essence Festival (Burrell Agency)





Saadi Presents the Beauty of Things....

 Saddi Khali Photos

how much time r we gonna spend tryna fit into distorted representations of ourselves? when will r remember who we r?
-reflecting what?-


Photo by Saddi Khali

-good grain-

u belong 2 the city
Let's see ourselves beautiful again!


everything is not a war. u r safe more often than u realize. & in safer moments, its important 2 recognize the value of surrender. ur giving way allows room 4 ur blessings 2 enter. lay down ur sword & shield.
-letting go-

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FEATURED Multi - Artist: Artist Thinknboutsumthen Aka Dj Dean


Artist Thinknboutsumthen Aka Dj Dean

 Dj Dean is a vivacious personable multi-  talented gentleman a writer ,podcaster ,poet ,comedian, filmmaker , singer ,and musician  .Recently created a reputable modeling agency for his daughter .Who is absolutely beautiful.Dj Dean makes time to support and show love to everyone.He is very well known in the artist community a respected artist amidst his peers.

His signature Ooowwwwwwand Oh My Goodness  breaks ice , bringing laughter and joy.

Dj Dean is inspiring and motivating his poems/writes ,films ,music, and comedy,etc.. are RAW & REAL! Educating while entertaining.


 Artist Thinknboutsumthen Aka Dj Dean 1st Poetry Album Word Slinger was released July 2011 putting his stamp of poetry on the spoken word scene.  He enlists the help of recording artist Jerrod Walker Aka Beluvid on two of the tracks, ‘Somebody Lied’ and ‘Telephone Interlude’ a track Jerrod croons as Dj Dean begs for his lover Angela to pick up the phone.  His hit single, “I Know You Fine, But I Kinda Do Mine,” also appears on the album, an audience favorite.  Other stand out tracks on the album, ‘If Pain Were A Love Song’, ‘Outside The Box’, ‘Real Luv and ‘Maintenance Man'  To purchase CD


 Artist Thinknboutsumthen Aka Dj Dean’s listening page http://reverbnation.com/thinknboutsumthen

 Podcaster Thinknboutsumthen Aka Dj Dean.

Dj Dean has a podcast where he interviews Today’s black women talking about issues affecting women of Color and how their coping with it.  Joining in on these discussions are famed Relationship expert appearing on Tavis Smiley’s Black State of The Union Panel Dr. Julia Hare, Diversity and Relationship therapist appearing on VH1’s College Hill and Basketball Wives, Dr. Debra Nixon.  Also joining in discussions on Today’s black women, Publisher of Today’s Black Woman Magazine, John Blassingame and Comedian Finesse Mitchell who is a best selling author and had an advice column in Essence Magazine giving relationship advice to women.   Download itunes and subscribe and Join in the discussions.   http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/todays-black-woman/id439571418

 Independent Executive Producer of Independent Film Dj Dean.   Dj Dean is currently one of the executive producers on film maker’s Nia Malika Dixon’s Webseries Chrysalis.  A short about a Muslim youth in the inner city who has to choose between being a father to his child, or being a drug dealer in the street.  His religious upbringing growing up Muslim works on his conscious.  He will have to choose quickly before the streets choose for him.  To view the trailer



Beat Your Drum Black Man

~by Thinknboutsumthen Aka Dj Dean



Riding on baited breaths and five past lives and seven of your tomoorows

I arrived in the 1900's screaming

screaming at the top of my lungs

in somebody elses language

screaming at the top of my lungs

in somebody elses clothes

screaming at the top of my lungs

off dijali's lips, beating it on drums

screaming through battered nubian fingertips


The record skips

the records skps

the record skips

Churches on street corners like stains on north end streets

Red lights, green lights, black like shadows and shadow boxers

In God we fuss

Engraved on bloodied t-shirts and shribbled  up dollar bills pressed

Way down

400 years in some pockets

Like that

400 year silence between the writing of the old and New Testament

But my people and never stop speaking


Leaking like African oils through time ceasing up Euro Religious cylinders

And man made ciphers—we go on, the black

Can you hear me?





Blood stained histories of African American dreams undeterred

Untainted, forever shinning

Smudgend and bludgeoned like fingerprints

Like those little black footprints in the sand

We were there, we were there, and yes freaky white siesta, we were there

Standing ten feet tall in Babylon

Making pyramids with our bare hands

And you want to give credit to another man

UFO’s and extra teresterials

Instead of black kings and black queens and predestinated pharaohs

Can you hear me?




So I beat my drum

Dancing to the rhythms of the djimbe

Rising above chaos because I am piece

Descending on clouds because I am God

For I have conversed with kings

Performing forbidden dances

Caught up in eclectic trances with my ancestors



Homage to





I raise consciousness with the sweet smelling grass

Taking you places your third eye has only been before

Calling down ancestors like

Rain, fire, with the beat of a drum, the sway of a Nubian hip I conjure

Can you hear me?




I beat my drum no longer willing to be invisible and injustice for all

For I stand here tonight as proclamation of that new declaration of independence

For I be that explanation of how and why

as seen through ancestors




until there were three




Explaining why your hair so kinky

Why there’s healing in the melonin of your skin

Why hurricanes still travel the path of middle passage

You can hate me, but I will not be ignored

I griot declare

I griot declare

I griot declare

We, were here, before



We, Were Here, Before

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