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FEATURED Music Artist Copasetic One Prophet

Copasetic One aka Prophet  is a multi-talented gifted ,big heart- ted  gentleman indeed.Writer ,poet , spoken word artist , singer,songwriter,web designer and so much much more.....Check out his reverbnation His style is hip hop ,rap , soul , r n b , rock, jazz n blues commingling!

Where spoken word and neo soul meld !

Hometown: Louisville, KY
Genres: Hip Hop / R&B/Soul / Other
Label: NHouse Productions
Members: Copasetic One, Garrock, Buckwild

Copasetic One
Hometown: Louisville KY.
Website: www.copaseticworld.com
Information: Independent Artist, Poet / Spoken Word Artist, Webmaster, Producer, Information Systems Engineer Major, Proud Father.
Affiliations: The Artist Lounge, Wacsonline, Copasetic World, and much more to come


*******NOTE www.copaseticworld.com*********** Is Temporarily down

I am the proud owner of a website named, Copasetic World (www.copaseticworld.com)= site is temporarily down to check out .Copaseticone's works go to :


it is the realization of a much overdue haven for the independent artist. We are diligently working to create a site that provides all the tools and freedoms that independent artist deserve. All are welcomed to join, network, share your talents and even sell your products (without the fear of having to pay to do something that should be a freedom in the first place). At the present time we are working on the finishing touches to the sites shop area that will be freely available to all members to promote and sell their merchandise. The site features a Knowledge Centerwhere various courses, tutorials and tangible information will reside, it even features a full fledge Artist Showcase where recording artist of all genres can feel free to upload and share their talents. My sister Jelly (creator of The Artist Lounge on Black Planet) has graciously donated her time and efforts to posting countless amounts of vital information that independent artist really need to know; inside of The Copasetic Boardz (site forum). We are currently working on a Digital Magazine that will be hosted on the site and focus on the world of the independent artist and affiliated networks and groups. Even in its humble beginnings the site offers several features and outlets for independents to take full advantage of, and by the time it’s all said and done we plan to build a world of endless opportunities.

ReverbNation Profile:



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FEATURED Music Artist Mitch L. Hennessy

Mitch is a  MC/Singer/Songwriter his label is 

Devoted S.O.U.L Entertainment LLC.
Mitch's style is Old  school Classic Hip Hop ,smooth Soul ,combined  and his  Rap and rhyme are akin to Biggie  Smalls with his own unique flair!

Biography: For some, music is just something you listen to whenever time allows. But to Mitch L. Hennessy and Nikki Tamara, music was the proverbial band-aid that helped in healing the scars of life. Living almost parallel lives, they would both grow to become a part of something much bigger than themselves. Mitch L. Hennessy or Henny or(48Karatz, Ratz, 1ne Take depending on who you ask) started writing rhy...mes at the age of 7. "I would take songs by Run-DMC, The Fat Boys and others and make my own version of their songs at first." Soon, he began to express his own thoughts and feelings on paper. He discovered at age 9 that he could sing as well. "My moms would make me perform at family gatherings." Over time, he says he was "consumed" by music. "I would be in school writing rhymes during class." By the time he was 15, he made the decision that he would try to make a living off of his talents. "Although, I realized that you could make some real bread doin' this. The love of the culture is what always drove me." He linked up with a local group of rappers called, 4x's The Flava. They battled other crews, performed at parties and talent shows, etc. After splitting over "a misunderstanding based on jealousy" the foursome went their separate ways. He maintained a friendship with one sole member, GumzDaRapper. "We started our own thing...We did the horrorcore stuff, the ballerific stuff, whatever trend it was...all that." Henny continued to record with different crews until he hooked up with an old aquaintence, VA Slim. He joined Slim's group, The FlameThroWarz. Built in the design of a Wu Tang/Boot Camp type group, Henny considers The ThroWarz "the illest crew never to be released". It was thru the group that he met the two people who would play significant roles in this journey. Scottie Styles a.k.a Organix and Nikki Tamara. "Scottie produced a lot of tracks for us before he moved to Atl." "Nikki joined after a mutual friend brought her thru to the studio." After the group parted ways in 2003, Henny and Nikki looked to do things their own way. "First off, who knew that the girl that came thru to record would later become my wife...it's crazy when I think about it." "Secondly, I think we were destined for big things as a group. We just weren't prepared spiritually. After it all went down, I hit up Scottie for some tracks. I knew that his sound was what I needed to do what I wanted to do musically. I began to change around 2003, I became more militant, more revolutionary. I wanted my music to make the world change. So when The Warz split up, I looked at it as a sign from God to do His work. Since then, I've grown more and more spiritual."

Unlike Mitch, Nikki grew up in the church. Singing with her mother Yvette Sullivan and Frances Jackson of the original Clara Ward Singers. She learned at a young age that her voice was able to touch the inner part of a person. "To have people tell me that I helped in bringing their spirit to a different place was a bit intimidating, humbling as well." Like most kids growing up in The Bronx, she became intrigued with the streets. "I was kind of living a double life...in the streets wildin' out during the week and in my choir robe on Sunday. She continued to sing about God's glory as well as secular songs in addition to doing hooks for local artists. In a chance meeting with Stevie Wonder, she realized that she wanted to sing professionally. "As great as Stevie is listening to him at home, it's a 100 times better hearing him in person; singing a duet with him...ME! ( I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer)" She went on to perform in the Off Broadway musical "Walk In The Light" A Journey in Gospel. After joining The FlameThroWarz in 2001, she finally felt like she had a place she could call home. "I had linked up with different crews for years but none of them felt like family." She and Henny developed a close friendship that sooner grew into a relationship. "I wasn't even trying to deal with any men because of some past relationships but there was a deep connection between him and I." Married in 2002, everything seemed great until the untimely passing of her mother in 2004. "I lost my best friend that day...you can never prepare for a loss of that magnitude. And I was also 7 months pregnant at the time." She stopped singing after that tragic day and contemplated quitting for good. "I lost the fire that I had, it just wasn't that important to me anymore." After what she calls a "5 year depressive state" she made her first official trip back to the mic a month ago. "Sometimes after tragedy we need to get away, regroup and refocus but now, I am BACK!!!" She is currently working on a new project but keeps the details a little secretive. "Let me just say that it'll be about love in all aspects. Mental, physical but mainly spiritual." Judging by the music they've already put together, it's just a matter of time before the masses become Devoted To The S.O.U.L.




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CARLA B. BOONE - PRESIDENT & CEO....Holla'back Records

of Holla'back Records, Ent. & Mgt. South...LLC, is a graduate of Franklin D. Roosevelt High School and, subsequently, Long Island University's, Brooklyn Campus. She graduated in 1989 from L. I. U. with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.

Holla'back Records, Ent. & Mgt. South is an Independent Record label which began releasing hit records in 1998.

Its first EP release, Holla'back Presents Trajik & the Black Casba, was introduced to critical acclaim by numerous venues: including the start up distribution company The Orchard: which is now one of the nation's largest Internet Distributors. 

Several tracks on our first critically acclaimed release "Holla'back presents TRAJIK and the Black Casba" introduced the world to now up and rising superstar Apex-Tech, producer of 50 Cent's hip hop smash hit

"I Get Money."

In addition, our first release featured several tracks produced by super producer Elijah Wells, producer and founder of the hit R&B sensations Nina Sky, platinum selling artist Sean Paul and others.

Super producer Kerry "Krucial" Brothers" of the multi-platinum, superstar publishing company "Krucial-Keys" (Alicia Keys' co-publisher on several projects) acted as a consultant for Holla'back Records on this release. Krucial offered to remix his favorite track "Q&A" for Trajik. However, due to scheduling conflicts, this project never materialized.

Trajik & Kevlar then released several other singles Including "Make It Hot, Rock Thru It, Cash & Brothas."


Additionally: Kieon/KTG , formerly of Trajik, has worked with rap superstar Cam'ron as Ma$e's body double in his hit music video "Horse & Carraige" and was featured on MTV Jamz.

Holla'back's first roster of future superstars also included KYEE & FUCHURE.

Kyee was featured in a skit featured on NBC'S Conan O'Brien show along with Trajik and other Holla'back talent.


Fuchure was featured in a print ad for Ebony magazine with the late, great ,Esther Rolle of Good Times and in various other print ads including for CVS Pharmacy. Fuchure also successfully auditioned for a kid's group; a project previously considered by employees of super producer and multiplatinum artist Wyclef Jean's company.

Kevlar, formerly of Holla'back Records' The Black Casba, also wrote the hit song "Crime Side" for the pilot of the hit Television pilot "Street Time" which had a limited run on HBO.

In 2009, JABAR..the hottest new Teen sensations since Chris Brown..was introduced to the world. Jabar has been performing throughout the ATL including a breathtaking concert at the Sweet Auburn Fest.

Look out all you teen age, wannabe R&B singers...JABAR has arrived!

Trajik's single, featured on our first EP release "Holla back" was the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit in 2003 and was featured on Celebrity Justice, MTV news and numerous internet sites and radio stations. This suit alleged that international superstar and platinum selling- rapper/superproducers Fabolous /the Neptunes' platinum selling single Young'N (Holla back), released in 2001 was derived from our first release's hit single "Holla'back (released in 1999) .

Details of this Case are documented in our News Journal. The links in the Journal include the Expert Report documenting the fact that similarities occur within " 50% of the primary elements" of these songs.

This document also discussed the "'MUSICAL FINGERPRINT'" which is indicative of copying. Also, the 2 1/2 pages of documented lyrical/musical similarities are shown which detail all the similarities that appear in only these 2 out of over 50 songs with the word "holla back" in them; all of which were' stipulated during deposition testimony by both Experts; ours and theirs).

Despite these similarities, our case was, we believe, ILLEGALLY DISMISSED without giving us our Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial of our peers!

On the cusp of a stunning, disappointing and frustrating fight within the judicial system, Holla'back returns; broken in spirit but determined to fight regardless as to what the emotional effect will be...this Injustice must be addressed!


Our documentary InJustice for All...Summary MisJudgment...will detail the shocking and illegal Judicial Wrongs of Copyright Litigation including 1) the allegations of blatant disregard and ignoring of black letter presented by Plaintiffs and ignored by Judges presiding over these cases

2) the devastating emotional and financial affects this litigation has had on Independent Artists' lives when these cases are litigated and wrongfully dismissed and 3) the alleged disturbing, illegal, unethical and unconstitutional actions taken by lawyers/judges working on these cases/contacting these artists after cases are submitted to the Courts.

Note: one of law clerks at firm representing Fab/Neptunes actually worked directly for one of the Appeals Court Judges who threw our case out.Soon after our case was dismissed, this lawyer became a Partner.

The shocking, deliberate and conscious efforts of the Courts to subjectively and systematically dismiss these cases, by any means necessary are painstakingly chronicled.

Yet, despite specific evidence, analyzed and documented by experts and precedent setting cases which proves that illegal copying that took place in each of these cases and the law which, clearly, discourages dismissal of these actions, all of these cases were, we believe ILLEGALLY DISMISSED!

Our re-release "Holla'backYa-Heard-A-Uz!" features some of our unreleased tracks whose premiere had to be delayed due to the tremendous legal and emotional expense involved in the copyright suit against Faboolus, the Neptues, et al.

Holla'back is and always will be the hottest indie label in the game!

Check out our newest release "HOLLA'BACK, YA HEARD DA UZ...and Holla'back -If-Ya-Feeling-Dis.....!

Hit us with an E-mail telling us the songs you love (and the ones you hate) and you could win an Exclusive, Limited Edition "Holla'back" T-Shirt.


Throughout our litigation, we were told that the Defendants "never heard of us!"

"Holla'back...Young'N...Ya Heard-A-Uz...now!


Carla sued Fabolous  et al....  for copyright infringement

Boone v. Jackson et. al - November 3, 2003

On November 3, 2003, a Copyright Infringement suit was filed against John D. Jackson (Fabolous), Pharrell Williams . Charles Hugo (The Neptunes) and their record labels & distributors alleging that the hit song "Young'n (Holla back) infringed on the copyright held by Holla'back Records for their 1999 release titled "Holla'back."

 ***********YOU BE THE JUDGE************ !


Boone v. Jackson 206 Fed. Appx. 30 (2dCir. 2006)

​Complaining Work

​Defending Work


"Holla Back"

Hear Sound Recording


"Young 'N"

Hear Sound Recording


Carla a filmmaker and her producers made a Documentary “Injustice for All: Summary misJudgment” a plea for  independent artists across the U.S. calling for the immediate convening of an independent panel to reinstate or rehear and all cases thrown out by subjective rulings of these judgments within the past 10 years.

to hear more listen to archives of The Artist Lounge Radio show @ www.talkshoe.com/tc/21235 and visit

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FEATURED Music Artist Larie Edwards

Larie Edwards born in raised in Richmond,Va currently resides in DC. A  singer, songwriter ,poet ,educator ,and spoken word artist who have performed throughout the east coast. currently gaining internet radio support.
Record Label:
R.A.I.L. Entertainment

Singer-songwriter at Singer/Songwriter Studied Music/Mass Communications at Norfolk State University Lives in Washington, District of Columbia From Richmond, Virginia
Inspired by his father, who is a gospel musician, and his love of classic Rhythm & Blues, Lariè began his love affair with music at the age of seven while honing his craft in school and church choirs. By the time he was nine, Lariè was already writing and arranging songs and poetry; and he performed in numerous talent shows throughout his grade school years. Lariè studied Music and Broadcast Communications at Norfolk State University, in Norfolk Virginia, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. During his college years, and to the present, he has performed at countless venues throughout the mid-Atlantic region, to include the ‘Urban Independent Music Awards’ and the popular Cada Vez Night Club in Washington D.C. By weaving a blend of Rhythm and Blues, neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word into his music, Lariè’s mission is to bridge the gap between all generations to come. In his own words: “Music is the air that I breathe; as vivid as the tapestry of colors I see in the majesty of Mother Nature. So come along and take this journey with me to a place where Music will never cease…” Larie 
To purchase ,download,and/or listen to Laries cd go here 
SEE Videos for Laries Spoken Word and Songs
Poem by Larie 

My bio

 You wanna know about me for real, well, im not one to big up myself

  But maybe I do need to need to explain a brief bio, not trippin is my ego

  because God gave me humility which grants me spiritual wealth

   Born, Larie D. Edwards Jr to two working class parents in an impoverished neighborhood

   Legally blind in one eye, due to car accident at birth, God's plan I don't know, but let's take

   this ride.

   Watchin my father work odd jobs and playin as a musician in churches to make ends meet, my mother being frustrated in a

   backwards mental stride, from watchin her abuse over the counter drugs to she damn near killed herself

    To watchin extended family members revel in the ghetto life to alcohol, drug abuse, to legal convictions, wow life did not start out pretty right

    To watchin her being carried away in handcuffs to do a little stint of incarceration

   Watchin my father, lament in his own spiral trying to keep it together, while I was passed around like a two dollar whore

    from family member to family member

   To sometimes being in my own little world to inventing imaginary characters to deal with it all

    To singin with my dad in church an old gospel song(so much to live for, so much to live for, so much to live for, when you

     see me walking right, you know that God is using me)

     That song still rings in my head

      To being labeled a misfit and outcast from family to specialized class placements

       To being told I would eventually become a statistic and being  sent to a confined institution

     What they did not know was that I would graduate at the top of my class with a bachelor's in music and Mass 


     From winning poetry awards in high school, to singin in talent shows to churches, any stage that would have me

     From opening up for comedians Jimmy Walker(good times) and John Witherspoon(friday), to opening

     for legends like the "Ohio Players" to and sharing a radio interview with former porn star Heather Hunter

     Lord I have not touch major success yet

     To being in stage plays, to having my song average being the second most requested on a major radio station

      So this is not to brag or to boast, this is my time to shine, thus said the lord victory is mine

      And my purpose in life is to inspire others to realize the beauty in themselves, no matter what it is use your outlet

      And if you are an artist, just because you are not on mtv, vh1, bet, does not mean you are not a star, just means you have

      not been discovered yet

      It amazed me how a former host, that I help with their venue tried to cross me like a nobidy

     You though  you did so much for my career, but I was makin a name for myself before you got in the circuit right


     So if you listenin, if ever, and probably never, if feature at a venue you host, you damn well betta get my intro right

      Cuz when I touch that stage, Imma light that that shit and you up like dynamite

      this is only half my story, then came the glory, I am praising God through my testimony and through my voice and pen for

      the path to be laid

      I guess God was my genie because my 3 wishes came true before i asked, it was a pen, mic, and a stage

      So this is for the artist, this is for anyone, this is for that little kid who was shunned and teased

       No matter what your obstacles you can become what you are destined to

       No matter the forces of evil that surrounds you

       Now thats my bio, thats my testimony

     See videos and links for Laries Spoken Word and Songs

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Caktuz Advocating For Carolina Hometown’s Homeless As Part Of His UK Tour


Featured Music Artist Caktuz

*Caktuz * is a Multi Taltented Artist Singer/Rapper/Graffiti Artist /, Entrepreneur etc......

After giving 8 yrs. of his youth to prison for a crime he did not commit, this High Point North Carolina country boy moved to Brooklyn, NY shortly after his release. With his multiple talents & street savvy he quickly emersed himself into the NY underground of afro-punk rockers, hipsters, & gangster rappers.



 Caktuz soon became a rising indie artist under his own AMAS Multi-Media label, having worked with such artists as Bilal, dead prez, Boot Camp Clik, SA-RA, Kardinal Offishall, The Dey, Brand Nubian, M.O.P., Young Guru, Michael K Williams aka Omar from HBO’s Emmy Nominated The Wire, & many more.

In 2009 Cak shut down stages abroad on tour headlining beside some of Europes biggest talents & emerging acts, such as Bashy, DJ SpyKatcha, Charlie Sloth, Kof, Esco Williams, & Nikki Blaze, for Liverpool Hip Hop Week & the HUB Festival (the UK’s largest free music festival).

His tour helped to stamp his name and recognizable ‘Carolina Bluez’ sound through various parts of England, Amsterdam, & Paris.

 From music to gracing the Broadway stage with the legendary Melvin Van Peebles, Cak..?13′z DRX performance art group raised the energy of each show.

A Carolina blues man by blood, his 1st album 2 Hevi 4 Heaven, set Caktuz’s place in the industry as a musical and genre innovator, weaving live performance art into his stage shows.

Caktuz brought attention to himeslf through his surreal digital mixtape campaigns (packaging his music with art, video & even a virtual nightclub in secondlife.com), as well as his controversial sophomore album GOD*Z PORNO.

With a growing cult following and an unmatched new southern sound fused with NY afro-punk, industry insiders begun comparing Caktuz to groundbreaking predecessors such as Outkast & Kanye West.



MADD COOL Laid Back Down to Earth Man Always Sharing & Networking W/ His Fans & Fellow Artist!!!!

AMAS Multi-Media
Owner · Brooklyn, New York
AMAS Multi-Media is a media company designed to promote the diverse array of talents within celebrities. To market the other proficient qualities of our stars t...through alternative media avenues and vehicles. This company came to prestige behind it's extraordinary push of multi-talent Caktuz..13. The support of this firm to the indie recording artist career, has elevated Caktuz..?13 on various platforms, such as Fashion, Film, Radio, & Art.

Caktuz..?13 has set a namesake in the world of story-boarding with his one of a kind illustration style. Wesley Snipes snapped up the talent after seeing his comic book illustrations from the Doofus graphic novel & online. He went on to become Wesleys personal storyboard artist.


Some clients who have called upon him by name have included Spike Lee, Latifah, Melvin Van Peeples, Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Brisk, and many other studios and companies.

He His Music Art & Talent Have Toured WORLDWIDE!!!

WORLD Tour May 2011

Caktuz Advocating For Carolina Hometown’s Homeless As Part Of His UK Tour


To get dates times etc...go here

*****For Free Downloads /Videos/Music etc....*****


* http://www.caktuztree.com/
* http://www.myspace.com/caktuztree13
* http://www.youtube.com/caktuz
* http://www.twitter.com/caktuz
* http://www.caktuztree.hi5.com/
* http://www.saynow.com/caktuztree



ABOVE Video Inspired by events below  ........


The Greensboro massacre occurred on November 3, 1979 in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. Five protest marchers were shot and killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party. The protest was the culmination of attempts by the Communist Workers Party to organize mostly black industrial workers in the area.[1]

The marchers killed were: Sandi Smith, a nurse and civil rights activist; Dr. James Waller, president of a local textile workers union who ceased medical practice to organize workers; Bill Sampson, a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School; Cesar Cauce, a Cuban immigrant who graduated magna cum laude from Duke University; and Dr. Michael Nathan, chief of pediatrics at Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham, North Carolina, a clinic that helped children from low-income families. Wikipedia

Nelson Johnson

November 3, 1979 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Greensboro Massacre.  On that late morning, at the corner of Carver and Everitt Streets in Greensboro, North Carolina, forty Ku Klux Klansmen and American Nazis handed each other shotguns and automatic weapons from the trunks of their cars and opened fire on black and white anti-Klan demonstrators and union organizers who had gathered at Morningside Homes, a black housing project.


Sandi Smith, a nurse who’d been active in the black student movement and was at the time trying to unionize textile workers, was shot between the eyes.

The KKK and Nazi members shot at anyone who wasn’t hiding while four television news teams and one police officer recorded the action.  They then got back into their cars and sped away after which the Greensboro police arrived and began arresting protestors.

In the aftermath five people were killed and 11 wounded in the attack.   All five were members of the Workers Viewpoint Organization (WVO), and four were rank-and-file union leaders and organizers.

Sandi Smith,  president of the student body and a founding member of the Student Organization for Black Unity (SOBU) at Greensboro’s Bennett College. She was a community organizer for the Greensboro Association of Poor People (GAPP) and became a worker at the textile mill where she and others formed the Revolution Organizing Committee (ROC) to unionize the plant. Sandi was a leader of a march of over 3,000 people in Raleigh to free the Wilmington 10, ten young activists jailed on false charges to stop them from organizing. In her work at a Cone Mills textile plant, she battled sexual harassment, low wages, and unhealthy working conditions.

Jim Waller

Dr. Jim Waller who received his medical degree from the University of Chicago and trained at the Lincoln Hospital Collective in New York City. In 1973 at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, Waller organized medical aid and set up a clinic to aid American Indian Movement activists under siege by the FBI. When he moved to North Carolina to teach at Duke University he coordinated Brown Lung screenings in textile mills, co-founding the Carolina Brown Lung Association. He later gave up his medical practice to organize workers becoming vice president of the AFL-CIO local textile workers union  Waller and went to work in a Cone Mills textile plant in Haw River. From inside he helped organize and eventually became president of the AFL-CIO union local after leading a strike in 1978 that helped the union grow from about 25 members to almost 200.

wsampsonWilliam “Bill” Sampson was a student anti-war activist and president of his college student body. He studied at the Sorbonne in Paris during college, received his Masters degree in Divinity from Harvard in 1971, then studied medicine at the University of Virginia. As a medical student he organized health care workers to support the liberation struggles in southern Africa. Bill left medical school to work and organize in one of Cone Mills’ Greensboro textile plant, where he built the union and focused on training new leaders. The workers had chosen Bill to run for president of the local.

Cesar CauceCesar Cauce was a Cuban immigrant who graduated magna cum laude from Duke University, where he was a campus leader in the anti-war movement. He rejected a full scholarship to study history at the University of California at Berkeley and instead to help to unionize Duke Hospital workers. Cesar organized strike support for union struggles throughout NC and was a regular participant in the Goldkist strike, a campaign to organize poultry workers in Durham. He also traveled extensively throughout the South, writing about class struggles for the Workers Viewpoint.

Michael Nathan

Dr. Michael Nathan, chief of pediatrics at Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham, a clinic that helped children from low-income families. Nathan had been an anti-war and civil rights student activist at Duke University. He organized and led a chapter of the Medical Committee for Human Rights (MCHR), an organization that fought for improved health care for poor people. Mike studied child health and treated sick children in a mountain clinic in Guatemala in 1972 and 1973, and was a leader in a movement to send aid to liberation fighters who eventually toppled the apartheid system is what’s now Zimbabwe.

The permitted march and rally, declaring “Death to the Klan” was organized by the WVO, which was active in the poor neighborhoods and textile mills in the area. It advocated antiracism, unionism, and communist revolution. The group had previously clashed with Ku Klux Klan members prior to the deadly November encounter.  In July 1979 anti-racism protesters disrupted a screening of a pro-white supremacist film, “Birth Of A Nation” in China Grove, North Carolina.

[Bios from Greensboro Truth and Reconcialition website - http://www.gtcrp.org/memory.php] | [ edited by Kevin Alexander Gray]


PLEASE Check out Videos,Gallery, Music for more....


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