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Inner Child Enterprises

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celebrating the divine inner child in all of us .




celebrating the divine inner child in all of us .

Inner Child Enterprises


Greetings and Welcome . . .


Here at “Inner Child Enterprises”, we Celebrate and Embrace our Divine Essence found within. We call this beauty Our Inner Child . . . Our Innocence, Our Love, Our Purity, Our Laughter, Our Joy, Our Play.  We have come to “know” there is a “Beautiful Light” that resides in ALL Souls, and that Light is “LOVE”!  So whether you are a Child of God, The Universe, The Cosmos or Man, we embrace your “Inner Child”, With Love and Understanding, for we all were Wonderfully Crafted by the same Creator.

Sowing Seeds of Love, Joy, Light, Color and Song for all Souls . . . let us


We humbly offer to all Souls our Heart by way of our Works . . .


Welcome !


Inner Child Enterprises

celebrating the Divine Child in all of us . . .


Inner Child Enterprises

Publishing  Services


We at “Inner Child Enterprises” offer a complete Service to you the Writer from Conception to Print. We will help you mold your ideas into format to forward your aspirations to see yourself in print. Some of the Custom Services we have available are as follows :



ISBN Registration

Library of Congress Registration

Editing Services


Cover Design

Book Submissions Formatting


On Line Featuring : Author, Book and Illustrator

Sales Hosting

On Line Registrations


BLOG  Designs


For more information


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A place to "BE" ! Embrace our beautiful divinity. Share the Light of Love with "Self" and All in Oneness of Spirit. . . Explore !





Inner Child Press

THE ARTIST LOUNGE ¿ ® ©  Anthology and my personal book will be published by.....

We offer a full range of services for the Writer / Author. Not only will we service the complete aspects of the Writer's Publishing interests, we will also interface with other necessary services such as Web Site Development, Blog Development, Consultation and Representation.

See the following Pages for more information . . . or drop us a line.

Inner Child Press was founded by William S. Peters, Sr., and it is a wholly subsidiary of Inner Child Enterprises. We are an Author / Writer oriented Publishing Concern. We also are Writers / Authors and we fully understand a Writer's needs and concerns when it comes to Publishing and other services. We specialize in Poetry, Prose, Children's and Short Stories. Let us share our Magic with you ...

. . . know that we are the enchanting magicians that nourishes the seeds of dreams and thoughts . . . it is our words that entice the hearts and mind to believe there is something grand about the possibilities that life has to offer and our words tease it forth into action . . . for you are the Poet, the Writer to whom the Gift of Words has been entrusted . . . wsp

for more information contact us :


Phone : 856.491.2119

Email : [email protected]


Inner Child Radio on Blog Talk

Inner Child Radio

United States, English, Spirituality

Inner Child is an Enterprise focusing on the Empowerment, Enlightening and Embracing of our Divine Inner Child. Our mission is simple . . . to contribute to the Goodness and Growth of Love and Understanding within as well as without. "it's all about the love baby"

Every Monday Night "Conversation" Guests  Q & A poetry etc....

and then . .  the Mic is open . . .bring us your Good words that Enlighten, Empowers and Embraces the World's Goodness .. .  bring us your Love . . .

Computer, SKYPE or Call In . . .71.816.4751 . . .all positive Feedback and Commentary welcome

Every Wednesday "Hump Day Show" Interviews ,Book Reviews ,Poetry etc...

afterward open  Mic . . .  Join us on your Computer, Skype or Call In 714.816.4751


Every Friday Night "Fyday Nyte Spytz" Open Mic

Calling all Poets, Storytellers and Spoken words Artists. . . come by and put your thing down for the Archives . . . We gonna make some History Here . . .  ya Ready ? Put your name in the Archives . . .ya never know . . .

7:00 until 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time is your Time to get it in : 714.816.4751

It's HOT!!!!!! up in here . .

 Inner Child Radio on Blog Talk

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Just Bill


William S. Peters, Sr.



‘just bill’


Writer / Poet

Spoken Word and Recording Artist

Social Activist

Reiki Master


Radio Show Personality

Public Speaker / Workshop Leader



Empowerment Coach

CEO Inner Child Enterprises

Publisher : Inner Child Press

Director of Publicity : Society Hill Music, Inc.





Human Being

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A place to "BE" ! Embrace our beautiful divinity. Share the Light of Love with "Self" and All in Oneness of Spirit. . . Explore !

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