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 The Artist Lounge suffered a loss of two BeLoved artist this year 2013

In Loving memory of ...

Eugene Mitchell Brad  aka goinability and Erica Hall aka Jewelsformyking 

Eugene affectionately know as *G* to me he was nephew G was a multi- talented artist . A writer ,  poet , comedian spoken word artist and musician he excelled all fields of his artistry . He shared his gift while motivating supporting encouraging and inspiring all who crossed his path  , giving of himself selfishly .A single dad  who was/is  a mentor and role model not only to his beloved son but an example for all ! His legacy is alive through his gifts of artistry but his daily presence is greatly missed R est I n P aradise BeLoved peacefully and passionately as you did in life !

A poem by nephew g:


The Life

This is the life

Wrapped in your arms

Embedded in your thoughts

Lost in your eyes

This is not the life

Ejected from your bosom

Detached from your aura

Void of your smile

To argue with you is like taking a hundred bullets all in one spot

To see you cry is like dreaming of falling and hitting the bottom

But when you smile, the music stops

The animals stand still

The crowd pauses

And it's all to admire you

So I work for the latter

Sometimes we visit the former

So I cry along with you

Whether together or miles apart

This is worth dying for

It's worth living for even more

So it's always worth fighting for

Even if it's me fighting myself to let go of my stubborn ways

All it takes is a small drop of patience

Then, we're right back on track

This is the life

2009 E.B.R.A.D.

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Erica aka affectionately known as Jewels was/is a superwoman .A gifted poet spoken word artist and inspiration to all !Always humble , grateful and positive regardless of her health issues .I must share her poem so heartfelt and inspiring .Her physical presence is greatly missed thankfully the gems of poetry she shared will live on ...as her legacy.R est I n P aradise BeLoved Unfurl your cape and allow your wings to fly...


My Testament

Your love is so personalized and unique
My heart’s desire is to love you
With a mere fraction of the love
You showed me
Chose me
Saved me
Not once
At least twice
For in 2004 I nearly lost my life
Aorta torn from beginning 
Darn near till the end
Aortic dissection and aneurysm
Heart pumping blood
Splattering inside my body
I bled internally
For 3 days continuously
Medically possible ?
You chose to let me live
Not wanting me to go
Doctors astounded as if I was a ghost
None could take the credit
Or even begin to boast
Helicopter ride to John Hopkins from Christiana 
Zipped in a warming body bag to the neck
Like a pizza
7 hr. surgery
Hooked to a heart and lung machine
I was told I had less than a 25% chance 
Of surviving the surgery
A 90% chance of heart attack or stroke
In the next 24hrs.
They said they wouldn't even awaken me 
For approximately 3 days
For if I died
It would be much easier if I would just
Slip away in my sleep
They told my family I’d probably be a vegetable
Or I’d never be the old me
Quickly file the papers
I’d have many disabilities
Within a week I was out of ICU
Within a month I was home
I still have all of my faculties
Though, I have a very long scar 
Some plastic tubing inside with graphs
A couple of holes placed strategically
I have a renewed spirit
Refreshed attitude
A purpose to  discover
A reason to give God praise
For  though we don’t all believe the same
My God is real
The same
Yesterday, today, and forever
If I could love him
With a mere fraction of the love
He bestowed upon me
Then I could also be
A walking testimony!
Sorry, Lord for continually falling short
When you cared enough about me
To allow your blood to flow
Through my veins
When mine 
Was splattering on the inside of my body
For 3 days consecutively
Jesus, you paid my sin debt on the cross
Never writing a bill
For love does not keep tabs
Calculating wrongs
I know who you are
I need to find out who I am
So I can serve you with a mere fragment
Of your love
For you have given me
Love, Grace, Mercy
Father, please forgive me!

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