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The expressions found within the pages of this book are an attempt to take you on a journey from darkness into the light. I have seen the shadows that haunt me and the glorious light that enveloped me in love. I have found that as long as I look into the light of my Father, the shadows are behind me. Only when I look into the face of them and dwell there do I have the propensity to be swallowed by them.
I have learned that they are harmless to me as long as I do not engage. It's easy to become depressed or sad and let them swallow you whole, like a cold drink of water on a hot day in hell. My poetry has always been cathartic for me and I know it will be for you. The poetry and prose in this book are a reflection of my journey of stepping in and out of the light. Finally to be embraced by love, acceptance of self and more importantly to love all of God's creation and myself.
It was not an easy road but I would not have changed it for the world. I know the poems in this book will make you laugh, cry, feel love and experience righteous indignation at times. It has been an honor to share my words again and I thank you in advance for reading.
Blessings of love & peace,
Janet Caldwell


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 A Gathering of Words, .. . Poetry and Commentary for Trayvon Martin, not only speaks to the incident of the Martin Case but the many other topics such as Social Injustice, Racism, Bias and so much more. 

The Book is 238 Pages in an 8 X10 Size that include . . . Poetry, Commentary from such notable Activists as Gabe Rosales of Zulu Nation; Street Poet Monte Smith; Bruce George, Creator of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam; Solomon Comissiong, Political Science Professor at University of Maryland; Shareef Abduur-Rasheed, Activist; Jamie Bond of UnMuted Ink; Writteninpain Carlos Lavezzari, Tshombe Sekou; Tantra Zawadi; Jill Delbridge of The Artist Lounge, and so many, many more. Additionally we have include such Historic Speeches as "The Birmingham Jail Letter" by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; The Ballot or the Bullet by Malcolm X; The Angela Davis Speech and Stokely Carmichael.

This Book was produced under the guidance of Cheryl SublimePoetess Faison and William S. Peters Sr. for Inner Child Press and YOU . . .it is truly a significant offering that has already in it's short life received Global Acclaim. You can pick up your copy at Inner Child Press and if possible buy one for a friend or family member.

http://www.innerchildpress.com /amazon-discount.php

We do also have Volume discounts available from 30 to 50 % for Institutions, Fund Raisers and Dealers. For more Information contact Bill @ [email protected]

Please pay this forward, for we feel very committed to this message and the benefit it provides for all of Humanity.

Thank You
The Inner Child Family


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 Learning by Rote   poems

by Martina Reisz Newberry

This insightful verse is a must read for poetry lovers looking for writing that is timely and fresh.



When it comes to love, war, friendship, and loss, Newberry's double-edged blade of memory is never less than finely honed. She understands that somewhere, everywhere, sooner or later it's a matter of physical, emotional, or psychic survival. In these poems you'll find no small share of humane deliveranceÑone very human life at a time. —David Clewell


Reviewer:  Eloise Klein Healy,  author of The Islands Project: Poems For Sappho

Martina Newberry is a surprising poet.  Just when you think you know what she knows, you don’t.  She knows more and has the words to prove it.  I found myself falling for her sense of things, appreciating not only that she has earned it but that she displays it with a nicely sharp edge.

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Listen to interview on The Artist Lounge Radio Show Recorded*LIVE* July 22,2012  http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-21235/TS-638754.mp3




A Text book for Everyone I Highly Recommend

Gregory L Hudson 's "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy "I had the pleasure of reading this book and discussing (arouses intelligent conversation, what if's - supposes how an artist and anyone doing business with any corporations and/or conglomerations , does and don'ts etc...) with my family and friends ( I included the open minds, all ages from young teenagers to the elders ,naysayers, fans, and folks from all back rounds ,beliefs lack thereof etc...) its a most certainly captivating and an enlightening conversation piece. I suggest you do read with friends and family and decide together .Book is just the right size at 90 pages to keep which maintains everyone's attention Gregory L Hudsons' book "Why I sued Eddie Murphy " is a page turner . Book commands respect because it does not to glorify but , causes you as the reader to identify . Book is written presicely and concisely .... Point by point , fact by fact , each event as it unfolded .... with collaborating certified legal documents that are undisputable. From the moment you begin to read you identify with Gregory. You feel Gregory's passion and frustration . Gregory presents his case with side by side , still pictures from his onstage production "No Harm , No Foul " and Universal movie "Life" Cast to name a few Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Nick Cassavettes, the late Heavy D and Bernie Mac also a verity of well known and highly acclaimed actors. Motivation for plagerism not just allegations but , copyrighted legal documentation. Similarity of his stage production and characters. Book allows you be the judge and jury . Although Gregory has battled for over 10 years . He has been denied his right to a trial and jury of his peers. A priveldge that was denied him by the injust legal system . Taking his case all the way to the US Supreme Court. Which is not at all an easy task tedious to say the least . Gregory points out the loopholes that protect the system and deny the citizen. Gregory is a devoted advocate for all independent artists . Though his battle continues ....Gregory perserevers unwaveringly . "Why I Sued Eddie Murphy" is a must read for everyone as well as a textbook for all artist. Jill Delbridge  The Artist Lounge Peace ,ONE Love , & BLESSINGS!


 In 2002 playwright Gregory L. Hudson filed a 100 million dollar copyright infringement lawsuit against Eddie Murphy, Heavy D, Universal Pictures, Robert Ramsey, Matthew Stone, Imagine Films Entertainment, and Brian Grazer over the "hit" movie, Life, starring Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Bernie Mac, Ned Beatty, and Heavy D. Hudson's lawsuit alleged that "protected elements" (characters, scenes, dialogue, etc.) from Hudson's hilarious stage play comedy, No Harm, No Foul, was used to create the "Academy Award-winning hit movie" (released in 1999) without Hudson's permission after a promise to pay him.

This "true story" is cleverly written and tells Hudson's "heart-pumping" journey from the day he learned his play had been use through how he "single-handedly tracked down" Murphy, Heavy D, Universal, and served them with the lawsuit. Chapter thirteen, "The 100 Year Curse," paints a chilling picture of hard times encountered by Murphy and others associated with Life and its creators.

This "David and Goliath" story highlights copyright theft against independent artists and the unfairness of the American judicial system. It shows Hudson's betrayal by his lawyers and how he was prejudice by federal judges, which shouldn't happen to anyone.  AddThis Social Bookmark Button


Carlus Wilmot  http://www.innerchildpress.com/amazon-discount.ph


Carlus L. Wilmot is a prolific Poet, Spoken Word Artist and Musician. His work in all genres of expression will captivate the reader as he takes you along on his personal journey. In this work you will have the opportunity to peek behind the psyche of the man and all the various experiences from childhood through adulthood which helped shaped and mold his character to become the sensational writer that he is. His work has received World Wide Acclaim. Whether it is his endearing Love Poetry or the reflections of his memories of his Father, you will be moved. Have a look through and do enjoy the journey.http://midnightriderbk-poetry.blogspot.com/?zx=71694b6553ba20d1 AddThis Social Bookmark Button


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