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Web Zine for Everyone...literature , poetry , spoken word, music ,graphics, Lovers of the Arts , advertisement etc...

The Artist Lounge 

 The Artist Lounge ™

The Artist Lounge was created in June of 2008 having been apart of many web sites  , groups and forums .I saw a need for a unique spot just for artist and lovers of the arts . Offering support , constructive critique , encouragement , promotion of artist in every genre  , authors , poets , writers  , journalist ,photographers, graphic artist , spoken word artist , singers ,  rappers , musicians, comedians etc...Where we could hone -enhance and build our art together.

Shortly after The Artist Radio show was started by founding member Baby later picked up by me. Enabling artist to express themselves via a live open mic receiving feedback ,  encouragement   easing fears of performing on a live mic  and building momentum .

Currently we are on hiatus but feel free to check out the ample archives something for everyone ie interviews open mics features etc...



The little train that could  started with a humble 3 dozen dedicated gifted artist who gave of themselves selfishly . The Artist Lounge rapidly grew .

Today we tip the scales at 56,600 + but we are still a modest , homey  and welcoming group welcoming all !


“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Where artist bloom and are akin to family .

Dubbed "a virtual workshop for artist " by Tobyn Brown founding member , moderator  , and artist .

To me The Artist Lounge is an artist sanctuary . Where I have grown as a human being as well as an artist .  I have been inspired , motivated and extremely humbled and grateful to be blessed to be in the presence of so many gifted souls .

Many artist have moved on ...some  drop by knowing there presence and talents are warmly received. I have been honored to see developing artist  go on to become successful in their field and excel !

 "It is a good lesson—though it may often be a hard one—for a man who has dreamed of literary fame ... to step aside out of the narrow circle in which his claims are recognized, and to find how utterly devoid of all significance, beyond that circle, is all that he achieves, and all he aims at." Nathaniel Hawthorne

In The Artist Lounge a light is always on... 

Visit and join us here:THE ARTIST LOUNGE http://groups.blackplanet.com/theartistlounge 

We also have a lively Group /Forum on Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/groups/theartistlounge/

Newest extension of The  Artist Lounge is this Web Zine .

The Artist Lounge Daily newspaper :http://paper.li/f-1354905251

Beautiful poems written by members  and dedicated to The Artist Lounge:

 In The Rhythm Of The Lounge by  chize65 aka Steven Butler 

When My Words 

Find Their Proper Rhythm

For Some It Is Considered Poetic

But As For Me

An Offspring Of The Eclectic...

I Never Strive For Poetry

Yet Somehow...

I Find Myself Behind A Keyboard

Or With Pen In Hand

Mentally Escaping To The Lounge....

Relaxed and Free

While My Inner Voice Shouts

In Parentheses!...

I Put My Private Observations

In Between "BowLegged Punctuation"


Having My Thoughts Recorded

Simply For The Sake

Of Prosperity...

Lounging Has Become

My Soul's Outlet...

Now My Poetry Reflects

The Light I Possess

Offering Therapeutic Results

Examining My Strengths and Faults

As I Seize The Moment

When My Heart Tells My Mind

That It Is Okay

To Express Our Thoughts...

Henceforth Being Allowed

To Mince and Dice Words

Create The Proper Tense

With the Right Verbs...

Rearrange Cliches

So That The Common Man

Can Understand

The Complexity Of His Ways...


Then Look Past the Present

Recall Past Grief

Foreseeing Better Days...

Somehow Getting A Sense Of Relief

Simply Because I've Shared

So Now A Part Of Me Is Out There...

In The Rhythm Of The Lounge...

And Hopefully

It Will Impact A Part Of You

While You Thumb Through

This Oasis We've Found...

Granting You Permission

To Recognize Truth...


The Same Truth

That Was Once So Distant

The Very Same Persistent

Signs And Wonders

You Once Dismissed 

As Your Own Silly Notions...

So Lounge With Me...

Let It Go With "Words"

Drift In This Ocean

Make Sense Of the Absurd

Dreaming Of The Impossible

While You Rhyme

Find Yourself...

Treat Your Left Brain

To Some "Me" Time...

In The Rhythm Of The Lounge...

But Like The Tide

Rhythm Brings Forth Confirmation

Yet Bringing To The Shore

Its Own Expectations

Steadily Eroding The Naysayers

With Its Consistency

Exposing Layer After Layer

Constantly Showing Itself

Thru Tragedy And Triumph

In Sickness and In Health

Be It Happiness Or Despair...

The Lounge Will Be There...

Even In Times

Where I May Be Confused

And Send Up A Flare

Needing To Be Rescued

Out Of A Sea of Doubt

About My Talents

Seeking Refuge

Or Just A Cool Place To Chill......

And Find My Balance...

Once Again... 

Granted Sanctuary

To Acknowledge 

My Own Self Worth...

No Longer Do I Channel Surf

I Need Not Worry

I Just Seat Myself In The Lounge... 

And Receive Steady Doses

Of The Profound...

Becoming Reassured

If Only Thru Osmosis...

Giving Me the Courage

To Write Another Poem...

Not Concerned About Capsizing

Even In the Midst Of A Storm

Perhaps Recognizing

That Thru My Literary Advertising

I Can find Out

Something "New" About Myself

Draft It to Art Form...

Letting Lessons Learned

Allow Me To Offer Another Help

So As I Continue

To Jot Down These Thoughts

And Daydream Of Huge Venues

I'm Still Stroking These Keys

Without Regard 

For Rhythm Or Rhyme

My Mind Is Now At Ease

I've Turned Down The Blinds...


In The Rhythm Of The Lounge...

No More Reservations...

I Can Have Honest Communication

Between My Mind And Soul

Scribe My Desires

Into Reality...

As I Attempt To Reach Higher

Remaining Hopeful 

That While I Lounge...

I'll Correlate

My Words And My Vocals

Reaching New Heights


There's No More Looking Around

No More Fight Or Flight

I Can Sit Back And Relax...

Lounging While I Write...

...In The Rhythm Of The Lounge


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 What the Lounge is to me

By Marcus Turner

A place for me to go when I need to clear my mind

A Place to calm my spirit when I need some me time

A place to spill my heart when I write with this pen

A place where people can feel every word I type in

Where people from different walks of life can gather and meet

people who share the same talent and passion as me

Where I can take a piece of me and share it with you

A place where I can become SoPoetic22

A place where I feel my talent is unbound

To me this is the place I call The Artist Lounge

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 We are Family

In the Artist Lounge
you will notice 
I come and I go 
don⿿t ever think 
for a second 
I will lose
my flow

It is the essence
of me
it is gift 
unto me 
I know that
if I can⿿t go
any where else
I know that it is 
I can come
to release 
Artist Lounge 
We are family!


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 Poetically Able 

One mic is passed around no string, no stand
One mic is passed around to each man and wo-man
Vocal chords are swollen 
from the pen that swells 
Promenading in paradise, without worries...oh well
'Poetically inclined'.... that describes the mind 
and it goes well with grapes and wine 
Whether its blue or black ink...
We all possess the ability to chew and think
That is a poet
Positive Opinionated Energetic & Talented 
Always writing for a purpose
thank God for what for the talented 
The way words captivate and amaze is so eccentric
The Artist Lounge is like jazz...soothing and grooving 
Artistic in thought as well as heart 
I hope pen and poets are never torn apart 
Writing may become the death of you and me perhaps
The Artist Lounge is motivation..I concur with two snaps.....

(c) 7-17-08 HEARD

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 In This Room by mrshadez

In this room full of Artists one voice is heard
Because it sweats out passion in every word
It bleeds through with love
And the tears that make it tremble
The laughter loud
That voice is proud
Of every line written
Deservedly so
It⿿s got a heaven touched glow

In this room full of Poets
One voice moves us all
We each answer a different call
From the same source
Feasting on the main course
That feeds our expression
Explosions of ideas
Rising from so deep
Our very words weep
And drip irony
And drip philosophy
And drip anarchy
And drip blessed blasphemy
Because THAT voice says we can be⿦

In this room full of Talent
The loudest voice is Creativity

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 We march in legions 

of lyricism
with hypnotism
to the biorhythm
clutch combustible pens
and set fires with "em
causing clairvoyant infernos
so spiritualistic
that our responses
are dayum near
to the fact
that we're over 66,000 strong
intoxicated off 1000 proof ink
getting pissy drunk all night long
ambitious, artistic
marvelously, prolific
of originality
that bury, lyric biters
in a deranged, frenzy of 
antagonistic, brutality
we go at it, on the regular
sharpen skills, and improve
a hunger 
for substance
gorging the abundance
possessed by the groove
taking poetry to a new height
and ghost write all night


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 THE ARTIST LOUNGE http://groups.blackplanet.com/theartistlounge

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