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World Peace ....World Healing 2012 Contest /Movement All will be apart of an Anthology


GREETINGS: Words of William S .Peters Sr. aka just Bill :"As we all are aware, World Healing and World Peace is a dynamic that affects every single Human Being on this Planet. At Inner Child we have initiated this effort to not only celebrate Poetry, but to elevate our Global Consciousness. Our hopes and focus through this Poetry Contest is to etch into the annals of History a Contribution of Love to every Human Being presently living and Our Children yet unborn.
We hope that you will join us in spreading the News of this undertaking and invite any and all to contribute each in their own way. You do not have to be a Poet to participate, for all Communities, Organizations and Persons are welcome. We humbly ask you to assist us, assist our Community of Humanity to make a giant step forward towards Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Men, Women, Families, Mothers, Fathers, Children, Daughters, Sons, and to our Planet. Won’t you Join us in this Vision of Love."

We thank you for your Presence
The Family
World Healing, World Peace 2012
Official Web Site 
World Healing....World Peace 2012 


Contest /Anthology Rules


Theme : World Peace . . . World Healing

Open Submission

1 Poem per Entrant

Submissions Open :     15 October 2011

Submissions Close :     31 December 2011

Intake Email : [email protected]

Submissions Guidelines


Poetry Contest Theme is : World Healing and World Peace


All Poems must strictly adhere to this as Subject Matter.


All Poetry Forms are Acceptable.


No Essays or Prose will be considered.


Please refrain from the following :


                   * Offensive Language

                   * Racism

                   * Bigotry

                   * Gender Casting

   * Any other Subject that does not promote

     World Healing and World Peace or is Offensive or Derogatory


Submission Opens : 15 October 2010


Submissions Close : 31 December 2011


Submission Intake : [email protected]


Submit the Following :


                   JPEG Head Shot of Poet (no Avatars)

                   Bio : limited to 1 paragraph of 50 words or less

                   Contact information : Email and Telephone

 Prizes: 3 GRAND Prizes 2 yr.All Inclusive Publishing Contract  with Inner Child press ,Features on Podcast ,Web Zines etc....All Submissions will apart of the Anthology

*   Poetry must be in Microsoft Word DOC format or RTF Only.


*   Poem must also be Copied and Pasted in Email Body.

NOTE : from  me Jill  I will gladly assist anyone and review your entry 





*   Incomplete submissions WILL BE DISCARDED and not responded to !


*   Make sure your work is Edited before submitting. Your work  will be judged on what you submit. We are not going to Edit  your Submissions for you!